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7 Steps to Transform Your Attic Bonus Room

Looking to upgrade your space without taking on a massive renovation? Look to your attic! ...

Kat Wiseman

Bring New Life to Your Hallway with Sunlight

Hallways usually aren't the most exciting part of a house. Worse yet, they can even feel d...

Kat Wiseman

It's Time to Re-Think How We View Skylights

Well folks, March came in like a lion and has gone out like a lamb. Now, it's time to welc...

Kat Wiseman

4 Reasons to Install a Skylight in the Kids' Room

You love your kids and want nothing but the very best for them. So, why not give them a sp...

Kat Wiseman

Here's How Often You Should Ventilate Your Bathroom

It's no secret that bathrooms can get steamy. Where there's steam, there's generally conde...

Kat Wiseman

It's Time to Create a New Living Room Focal Point

There's a reason we love home transformation shows so much! Admiring other living room des...

Kat Wiseman

3 Success Tips for Turning Your Bonus Room Into a Bedroom

Typically located on the top floor of a home, a bonus room is often a finished attic space...

Kat Wiseman

Natural Light in the Core of Your Home

When you start thinking about installing a skylight, you're probably thinking of your bigg...

Kat Wiseman

5 Fifth Wall Design Tips for Your Living Room

Did you know you have an extra wall in your living room? Look up - it's right there! Your ...

Kat Wiseman

Designing the Coolest Kids' Room

Your kids deserve the very best, so it's time to create a space for them that encourages g...

Kat Wiseman