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11 Ways You Can Help the Earth Every Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day to plant a tree and celebrate the planet we call home. Much...

Kat Wiseman

It's Time to Air Out the Kids' Room

You love your children. You want nothing but the very best for them. Which means it might ...

Kat Wiseman
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14 Common Bathroom Upgrades that WOW

1. 3-D Tile Inviting to touch, three-dimensional tiles are a fun trend that allow you to m...

Kat Wiseman

Make the Most of Exposed Beams in Your Living Room

Whether you're building a new home, remodeling, or just looking to make a few changes, uti...

Kat Wiseman

7 Steps to Transform Your Attic Bonus Room

Looking to upgrade your space without taking on a massive renovation? Look to your attic! ...

Kat Wiseman

Bring New Life to Your Hallway with Sunlight

Hallways usually aren't the most exciting part of a house. Worse yet, they can even feel d...

Kat Wiseman

It's Time to Re-Think How We View Skylights

Well folks, March came in like a lion and has gone out like a lamb. Now, it's time to welc...

Kat Wiseman

4 Reasons to Install a Skylight in the Kids' Room

You love your kids and want nothing but the very best for them. So, why not give them a sp...

Kat Wiseman

Here's How Often You Should Ventilate Your Bathroom

It's no secret that bathrooms can get steamy. Where there's steam, there's generally conde...

Kat Wiseman

It's Time to Create a New Living Room Focal Point

There's a reason we love home transformation shows so much! Admiring other living room des...

Kat Wiseman