Posted by VELUX Skylights on June 15, 2021

How to Handle Storm Season with Skylights


Summertime is a time of fun, relaxation, and plenty of trips outside soaking up the sun and fresh air. But for all the good, summer also comes with volatile weather, like hailstorms and hurricanes. And if you have skylights or want to install them, it's important to know how they hold up to the toughest of what Mother Nature has to offer.


Skylights and Hail

The most common weather-related enemy of skylights is hail. Hailstorms can pop up without warning and cause serious damage. That's why VELUX Skylights are put through rigorous tests to ensure they're able to withstand the toughest of hailstorms. Check out this hail simulation experiment from VELUX Australia that shows just how much VELUX Skylights can hold up against:



If you have a skylight in your home and it experiences hail damage, it's important to replace it once the skies have cleared. A broken frame or broken glass can be dangerous and lead to leaks and water damage. Contact your home insurance agency and a nearby VELUX installer or roofer to work on getting your replacement as soon as possible. Whether or not your old skylight was a VELUX, we have an easy replacement option that will come with a new warranty and stand strong against future hailstorms.


Skylights and Hurricanes

Hailstorms can be tough, hurricanes are decidedly tougher. But while hailstorms can be unpredictable, hurricanes - where they land and the type of damage they cause - are easier to plan for. And for the area of the country that's hit hardest by hurricanes, VELUX has developed the Florida/Gulf Coast Program to help ensure only the toughest skylights are installed. These skylights are also built following the strictest Florida and Gulf Coast area building codes.


VELUX Skylights for hurricane-prone areas come with LoĒ-340 Sun Protection Glass, which is designed with superior performance against airborne debris. It also features a special tint that prevents heat gain when the bright Florida/Gulf sun is shining.


But as nice as all of this may sound, they don't call them "acts of God" for nothing...


VELUX Skylight Warranty

...That's why VELUX Skylights come with the industry's toughest warranty. Our warranty, dubbed "The No Leak Promise," offers a 20-year guarantee on glass, a 10-year guarantee on product, and a 5-year guarantee on shades and controls that they will not leak, crack, or break. You can learn more about the different parts that make our skylights virtually leak-proof on our No Leak Promise page. You can also learn about other warranties available for our skylights and glass on our website or in our VELUX Warranty PDF.