Posted by VELUX Skylights on July 15, 2024

Insect Screens & Other VELUX Skylight Accessories


When you install skylights, you're more than likely going to need one or two things to go along with it. From insect screens to skylight shades to remote and manual control options, VELUX has all the skylight accessories you'll need to ensure you get the very best out of your skylight.


Skylight Screens

Skylight Insect Screen

Every VELUX venting skylight comes equipped with an exterior insect screen. This fine mesh screen allows you to enjoy fresh air throughout your skylight and nothing else — no bugs, critters, leaves, or other yard debris. Just cool, fresh air.

Skylight Fire Screens

For skylights installed in California and other wildfire-prone areas, VELUX offers the ZZZ 256 Fire Screen. Made to meet California's strictest fire codes for new skylight installations, these screens feature a finer, stronger mesh to prevent embers from falling through an open skylight. And just like our insect screens, they prevent pests from entering without blocking any natural light.


Skylight Remote Controls


VELUX solar-powered and electric skylights and shades can be controlled through your smartphone with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO. In other words, this app allows you to open and close your skylights and shades right from your phone. Even more than that, VELUX ACTIVE uses sensor-based controls and wi-fi to monitor your home's indoor air quality. It can even be set to open and close your skylights automatically to create your ideal temperature and ensure optimum air quality.

KLI 310 Keypad

For a more home-bound control option, VELUX Skylights can be operated with the KLI 310 Keypad. Wireless and battery-powered, the KLI 310 acts like a light switch to operate solar-powered and electric skylights. It can be used to operate one skylight or multiple skylights of the same model.

KLB 100 Battery Backup & KLF 200

A couple of accessories for your accessories! These components enhance certain controls for VELUX Skylights:

  • KLB 100 Battery Backup: For electrically operated skylights, the KLB 100 Battery Backup ensures skylights can be closed and shades raised in the event of a power failure.
  • KFL 200: For multiple skylights, the KLF 200 is able wirelessly control up to 5 groups of solar-powered and electric skylights and shades.


Skylight Manual Controls

Crank Handles

For manual skylights installed within reach, VELUX offers two crank handle operation options depending on the model skylight:

  • ZZZ 201 Crank Handle — To operate deck-mounted manual venting skylights installed within reach.
  • ZZZ 212 Crank Handle — To operate curb-mounted manual venting skylights installed within reach.


For out-of-reach manually-operated skylights and shades, VELUX offers three options for operation:

  • ZCT 300 Manual Telescopic Rod — Extends 6 to 10 feet to operate venting skylights with a smooth-turning operation.
  • ZXT 200 Hook Rod — Extends 3 to 6 feet to operate manual shades installed in skylights.
  • ZCT 100 Rod Extension — Attaches to other VELUX control rods to extend them an addtional 3 feet.


Skylight Shades

Room Darkening Skylight Shades

VELUX Room Darkening Skylight Shades are double-pleated to convert day into night and block even the brightest sunlight coming through your skylight. They're ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, like bedrooms or bonus rooms where the main activity is watching movies or playing video games.

Light Filtering Skylight Shades

VELUX Light Filtering Skylight Shades help prevent glare and direct sunlight through skylights. They soften and diffuse the natural light that enters, perfect for rooms where diffused light is desired like kitchens and living rooms.

Venetian Skylight Shades

VELUX Venetian Skylight Shades offer a classic, simple look and easy operation. Their control mechanism allows you to position the shades at any point on the window. Their improved design also gives you control over the amount and direction of light entering through your skylight, making them the perfect option for any room where light control and aesthetics are important.


Even More Skylight Accessories

Sunscreening Accessory Tray

For new or existing skylights, the VELUX Sunscreening Accessory Tray can be attached to our Fixed Curb-Mount Skylights. This tray enables your skylight to be compatible with a wider range of shades so you can create just the right look for your skylight.

Sun Screen Accessory Adapter Kit

Skylights can last a long time. If you want to add a newer shade to an older model VELUX Skylight, you don't necessarily need to replace the whole skylight. If your older skylight is still in top working order, you can special order our Sun Screen Accessory Adapter Kit so it can be fitted with any of our current model shades. This kit is for models manufactured before January 1, 2010.

Skylight Trim Kit

The VELUX ZZZ 213 Trim Kit helps minimize the interior trim work needed when you replace a skylight. It can be completely installed from the roof, so your replacement installer can handle everything from the outside. It provides a clean interior finish when you replace older "flush-mount" or "drop-in" style roof windows or skylights. Whether or not the skylight you're replacing is a VELUX Skylight, your installer can help you determine if a trim kit is right for your replacement skylight.



Have questions about the sort of skylight accessories you'll need for your skylight project? Schedule a free consultation with a VELUX expert to get those questions answered!