Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 12, 2018

Sustainable Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom


A blissful escape at the end of long, hard days, your bedroom is a master-suite-master-retreat that deserves the very best. And to us, "the best" means a space that's perfect for you while also being eco-friendly. So here are a few different options for the dream-like bedroom design you want that also help save the environment!



Use Repurposed & Reclaimed Wood

If you're planning on replacing your furniture, help save some trees from being cut and milled by opting for reclaimed wood. Repurposed or reclaimed wood is nothing more than reused lumber and is refurbished to be just as sturdy and reliable as "new wood." To give your bedroom a rustic feel, reclaimed wood can be used to turn old flooring into nightstands or even a headboard.



Switch to Organic Bedding

"Organic" is not just a word for your kitchen anymore! You may not realize it, but many bedsheets are treated with chemicals to make them feel softer. Organic, on the other hand, is bedding - including sheets and pillowcases - made from fibers that have never come into contact with synthetic pesticides. Organic bedding helps you avoid potentially harsh chemicals while also helping the environment. And don't worry: organic bedding made from organic cotton or bamboo is just as soft as what you're used to!



Install a Skylight

Maybe unsurprisingly, our favorite sustainable act is to install a skylight! With natural light shining brightly into your bedroom, you're able to depend less on artificial light and electricity so your entire home becomes a greener space.

With a venting skylight, you can also cut back on your air conditioning use. VELUX "Fresh Air" Skylights, for example, open to allow crisp, fresh air to flow in and hot, stale air to flow out so you can have fresh air circulating your home without the A/C.