Posted by VELUX Skylights on November 13, 2020

It's Time to Replace that Old Bubble Skylight


Whether you moved into a home with one or you installed a plastic bubble skylight yourself years ago, it's time to treat yourself to an upgrade! Check out this young family's story to learn why.


Replacing an Old Bubble Skylight

When Jen and Derek bought their first house, they wanted to create a happy home for their growing family. The mid-1980s, two-story home in Charlotte, NC came with an old plastic bubble skylight in the master bathroom, and it was clear that it had seen better days. It was so heavily discolored there was no sky view, and the light well was streaked with mildew stains from trapped shower condensation. Additionally, the amount of dried caulking on the frame indicated it had been repaired before.


Plastic skylights that have been repaired are more likely to leak again. So, when it did, Jen made a call to local skylight installer Mike Townsend of the The Solar Shop. She considered repairing the old skylight instead of replacing it until Mike told her about the benefits of replacing her old bubble skylight with a new VELUX No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight.


According to Mike, "The new VELUX skylight has much better performance than those old bubble skylights. The glass is insulated to prevent heat from passing through to the room, and you can add blinds for light control. Plus, you can open the skylight to bring in fresh air and allow moist air from the shower to escape."


What happened next? Watch the transformation:



As you can see, replacement is easy! In fact, this whole job was done in a single morning. And now, Jen and Derek's bathroom is filled with bright, natural light and fresh air.


Have a bubble skylight you'd like to replace? Find a VELUX installer near you today!