Posted by Kat Wiseman on February 23, 2018

Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Restful Retreat


Life can get a little crazy at times, and hectic schedules can keep us in high gear until late at night. Even when we're home, there's meals, chores, and activities to get through. That's why we all need a space dedicated to winding down and relaxing.


The best space for winding down? Your bedroom! And when you take steps to turn it into the cozy retreat you deserve, you're also giving yourself better sleep and less stress. Here's how to do it: 


Choose a Soothing Color Palette

For a bedroom, you want colors that soothe rather than energize. Blue, for example, has been found to correlate with a good night's sleep, most likely because it's associated with a feeling of calmness. Even if blue's not your color, we can all agree that some colors just feel more restful than others. If you're not sure where to start, neutrals are a great option, and you'll always be able to swap accent colors in and out.


Remove the Distractions

You've probably already heard that having a TV in the bedroom disrupts sleep. We're here to challenge you to take it another step further and take everything linked to restless sleep - your phone and laptop or tablet - and set it up somewhere else in the house. Yes, your sleep is that important!


Clear that clutter too. Organized spaces are usually calmer spaces, so make the extra effort to get the laundry, kids' homework, work you've brought home, and any other distractions out of there.


Splurge on Your Bed

The majority of your time in your bedroom is spent in bed, so this is really where you want to splurge. Make sure your mattress fits all your sleeping needs and all your bedding, blankets, and pillows provide just the right comfort level to ensure you get a great night's sleep.


Add a Skylight

Or two. Or three, depending on how big your bedroom is. Skylights in the bedroom provide natural light and ventilation. They also add a splash of color to your ceiling by opening straight up to the blue sky above.


Don't Forget to Decorate

Sometimes we do everything from furnishing the bedroom to making the bed, but we never really get around to finishing the space. In other words: be sure to make your bedroom somewhere you actually want to retreat. You'd be surprised what a simple rug, art, and a few accessories can do to finish off your space!


With all these ideas, it's time to challenge yourself: what can you do this week to make your bedroom a more restful and inviting space?