Posted by Allyson Miller on May 1, 2020

Smarten Up Your Skylights


In a world of smart homes filled with smartphones, smart appliances, and even smart mirrors, isn't it about time your skylights smartened up too?


The answer to that question is YES, and the solution is VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO! 



To put it simply, VELUX ACTIVE is our accessory kit that enables you to automate and control your VELUX skylights and blinds right from your smartphone. For a more in-depth explanation, let's take a look at what's included in the VELUX ACTIVE starter kit and how each part works.


VELUX ACTIVE starter kit


The internet gateway connects your VELUX solar-powered or electric products with the other components of the VELUX ACTIVE starter kit. It also connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi router. This is what enables you to control your skylights and blinds from your phone. And no matter how many skylights you have, you only need one gateway for your home.

The climate sensor is what gauges the air quality in your home. When you first set up VELUX ACTIVE, you'll enter your temperature and humidity preferences in the app. Then, the climate sensor compares what it's sensing to your settings, and signals your skylights and blinds to open or close accordingly. The climate sensor also has a switch on it that you can use to open or close your skylights. For accurate air quality readings, you should have a climate sensor in each room with skylights.

The departure switch is like your ultimate override button. When you're leaving home, press the button with the locked icon on it to close your skylights until you return. For an extra layer of security, your skylights won't automatically operate while the departure switch is in the locked position.


But that's not all to VELUX ACTIVE. There's also the app!


The biggest perk of VELUX ACTIVE is controlling your skylights from your phone. So naturally, you'll need the VELUX ACTIVE app. It's compatible with iPhones and Androids, and you'll need it to set up your system once your VELUX ACTIVE starter kit arrives.




  • Sensor-based ventilation. The indoor climate sensor continuously monitors the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in your home. Using Wi-Fi, it connects to your skylight and signals it to open or close as needed.
  • Complete control. With the VELUX ACTIVE app, you can set your ideal indoor climate, and the system will adjust your skylight and blinds accordingly. If you ever need to override this automatic function, you can control both your skylight and blinds directly from the app instead.
  • Simple installation. Even if you've already gotten your skylights, VELUX ACTIVE is quick and easy to set up. Each kit includes easy to follow instructions that'll smarten up your skylights in no time.
  • Smart heat protection. One of the biggest skylight concerns is that they'll make a room too hot. VELUX ACTIVE proactively closes solar-powered blinds based on your local weather forecast to prevent overheating.


Ready to smarten up your skylights with VELUX ACTIVE? Check out our Smart Home page to learn more.