Posted by Maggie Bailey on October 18, 2019

Why You Should Opt for a VELUX Certified Installer


With over 75 years of experience producing skylights, the VELUX Group has learned a thing or two about how to install them. Because we stand proudly behind our products, we want to ensure the people installing them in your home also strive to provide outstanding performance in customer satisfaction. That's why we created the VELUX Certified Installer Network, a group of highly skilled installers who work all around the country.


Not Your Average Window Installer

So, who qualifies as a VELUX Certified Installer?


The VELUX Certified Installer Network is a specially trained group of installers. These installers go above and beyond the typical installer education with VELUX in order to offer exceptional, reliable skylight installations. And after 75 years in business, it's safe to say the VELUX Group has some of the most stringent, highest-quality standards in the industry!


VELUX Certified Installers specialize in skylights, so they're able to discuss your daylighting goals at length to determine the absolute best solution for your home and family.


You'll learn more about just how much they know during a skylight consultation. During this time, your VELUX Certified Installer will assess where you'd like your skylights to go, as well as offer recommendations on how many and what size skylights would best meet your home's needs.


What to Expect When You Work with a VELUX Certified Installer

There are four key components you should expect when you're working with one of our certified installers:

  • Passion: At VELUX, skylights are our passion, and all of our certified installers understand the importance of fresh air and daylight for a happier, healthier home.
  • Integrity: Skylight installations tend to be very nuanced, which is why our reputable VELUX installers start things off with a no-obligation, on-site consultation. During this time, they'll discuss all the options and installation details available to you to ensure you have complete peace of mind about your project.
  • Quality: Our certified installers are backed by the VELUX No Leak Promise, our assurance to you that your skylights, when installed with VELUX flashing, will not leak. This promise also serves as our industry-leading warranty on all VELUX No Leak Skylights.
  • Expertise: Thanks to the advanced VELUX training and certification all our installers go through, you can expect the very best daylighting solution, custom-made just for your home.


When you opt for a VELUX Certified Installer, you save time and eliminate hassles by partnering with someone who understands how to properly install skylights that provide long-term, no leak performances, guaranteed. So, if you've been through the Skylight Planning Checklist and are ready to get started on your installation, click here to find a VELUX Certified Installer near you!