Posted by VELUX Skylights on April 23, 2021

Skylight Safety Features


VELUX Skylights offer an abundance of daylight and fresh air for your home. But are there risks to installing a window on your roof?


Skylights, for the most part, are a completely safe addition to your home. But they can be exposed to a lot up there on the roof; it's the very nature of nature to be unpredictable and unwieldy. That's why VELUX Skylights undergo rigorous durability and safety tests before they're approved to be installed in homes. It's also why our skylights incorporate several features to ensure they're safe for your home and family.


Safety Feature #1: Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

VELUX Skylights come standard with our Clean, Quiet & Safe (CQS) Glass. CQS Glass features glazing that not only keeps it cleaner and quieter than other skylights, it also helps it stand tough against breakage. In the unlikely event that your skylight does break, CQS Glass features a laminated glass layer to catch any broken pieces, keeping them in the skylight and preventing the glass from falling into your home.


And if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, hail storms, or any type of weather that causes flying debris, you can upgrade your skylight glass to our Impact Glass. Our toughest glass option, Impact Glass is very resistant to penetration from flying debris to help keep your home safe during storms.


Safety Feature #2: Venting Capabilities

Okay, the venting capabilities themselves aren't the safety feature, but VELUX Venting Skylights are designed in a way for you to experience fresh air through skylights safely. All VELUX Venting Skylights - manual, electric, and solar-powered - are designed to open only a few inches. When they are open, there's just enough space to allow fresh air to flow through, but not enough space for anyone to get in through your skylight. When the skylight is closed, the top seals and sits flush with your roof or the skylight curb (depending on your installation type) so it can't be pried open.


VELUX Roof Windows open wider, with some offering egress and roof access capabilities. For security, these models can be locked from the inside.


Safety Feature #3: Insect Screens

When we say nothing is getting through VELUX Venting Skylights but daylight and fresh air, we mean it! All venting skylights come equipped with insect screens to prevent pests from entering your home through your skylight. Additionally, our electric- and solar-powered venting skylights come equipped with rain sensors to automatically close your skylight at the first sign of rain.


Safety Feature #4: Smart Controls

The rain sensors are just the beginning when it comes to skylight security tech. VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is a skylight control system with features that can help keep your home safer and indoor air quality healthier. VELUX ACTIVE uses your smartphone to control your skylights, so you can open or close your skylights no matter where you are. It also features an Easy Departure button, which allows you to close all your skylights with one touch as you leave your home.


VELUX ACTIVE's smart sensors monitor your home's air quality as well. They monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, and automatically open or close your skylights to ensure healthier air quality.