Posted by Kat Wiseman on February 7, 2020

VELUX: Home of the No Leak Skylight


Calling our skylights No Leak Skylights seems pretty self-explanatory, right?

Well, not exactly.


Skylights Have Always Leaked

Again, not exactly.


Certain skylights have always leaked. When made with lower quality equipment or parts and without expert installation, a skylight is sure to leak. And that's where VELUX skylights are different.


Way back in 1941 Denmark, our founder set out to design and engineer a roof window that was built specifically not to leak. And guess what? He did it Yep, even with the rationing put on building materials during World War I. With enough ingenuity, creativity, and improvisation, he designed a roof window with wood framing, zinc cladding, and condensation drains that all work together to avoid dripping and prevent leaks.


Over the years, countless VELUX engineers have experimented and improved upon that original model, leading to the stellar line of No Leak Skylights - plus the roof windows and sun tunnels - we offer today.


And We're So Sure Our Skylights Won't Leak...

In addition to calling our skylights "No Leak" Skylights, we also named their accompanying warranty the No Leak Promise!


Now, if you need to know anything about VELUX (besides that our skylights don't leak), it's that we believe the best guarantee is one you never have to use. We build quality into everything we create so that only the very best product is placed in your home.


But, for peace of mind, we do offer the industry-first 10-year No Leak Installation Warranty. This covers skylights and flashing that have been installed correctly against leaks for 10 years.


Additionally, we offer 20 years of protection on glass and 5 years on blinds and controls for every "No Leak" Skylight. Skylights with our Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass are also eligible for a 10-year hail breakage warranty.