Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 9, 2018

A Skylight for Every Kitchen


It's time for a kitchen upgrade.


That's right, we said it!


You've been mulling it over in your head for so long now: how you could really use more cabinet and counter space; how the lighting isn't the best anymore; how it just feels stuffy these days.


But for better or worse, we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens. So shouldn't yours be one where you actually want to spend your time?


Upgrade Your Kitchen with Daylight

Believe it or not, we have one simple solution for those three incredibly common kitchen complaints we mentioned above. Skylights!


By incorporating innovative skylights into rooms you use the most, like your kitchen, you're able to use daylight to its fullest potential. For one, natural lighting eases the strain on your eyes to help you see clearly while completing tasks like cooking or cleaning. And when you utilize top lighting with skylights, you're able to free up space for cabinets and counters where you'd normally put vertical windows.


You can also opt for a less traditional skylight in your kitchen and install sun tunnel skylights instead. With sun tunnel skylights, you can focus the daylight coming in right where you'll need it most, like over your kitchen island!


Upgrade Your Kitchen with Fresh Air

But what about your kitchen feeling stuffy, you ask? Well, skylights can help with that too! Venting skylights can be opened to release old, stale air as fresh air spills in.


It's easy to see why fresh air is essential to an enjoyable and healthy cooking environment. Without it, humidity and odors are free to build up which can cause dank, unpleasant air and even mold or mildew.


Fresh air, on the other hand, comes with a whole host of benefits. It makes us feel happier, strengthens our immune system, and is even good for our digestive system. And the extra oxygen fresh air brings results in higher brain functioning, enhanced concentration skills, and more energy!


The best way to maximize airflow in your kitchen is to include skylights in your design. That way, when the skylights are installed, you can utilize the stack effect to create an excellent source of passive ventilation. To create the stack effect, just open your skylights and regular windows at the same time. As warm, moist air rises, it escapes through the skylights while your vertical windows draw in cool, clean air.