Posted by Kevin DeHaven on August 21, 2020

What Hurricane Season Means for Skylights


Did you know that hurricanes are the costliest natural disaster in the US? If you've ever experienced the wrath of a hurricane first-hand, that's probably not hard to believe. Torrential downpours, high speed winds, and even hail can spell total destruction for any roofs and skylights caught in a hurricane's path.

To help minimize repair costs, VELUX goes above and beyond with our skylight testing to make sure our skylights withstand the standard amount of hurricane damage.


VELUX Testing

VELUX skylights undergo the most rigorous testing to ensure they're able to withstand anything nature throws at them. Take for example this hail simulation experiment VELUX Australia ran to test how our No Leak Skylight stands up to baseball-sized hail coming at it at speeds over 100 MPH:



Of course, hurricanes can easily whip around objects that are much larger and heavier than hail the size of baseballs. That's why all VELUX products are tested to ensure they stand strong before they're approved for installation. But before we dive into our hurricane-rated glass, let's talk warranties. 


The VELUX Warranty

While our deck- and curb-mounted skylights are designated as our "No Leak" Skylights, nature sometimes just finds a way. After all, they aren't called "extreme acts of God or nature" for nothing. That's why VELUX backs our products up with industry-leading warranties to give your customers peace of mind that they're covered no matter what happens.


VELUX "No Leak" Skylights carry a 10-year installation warranty when installed new with VELUX flashing, plus a 20-year guarantee on glass, 10 years on product, and 5 years on blinds and controls. Learn more about the different parts that make our skylights virtually leak-proof on our No Leak Promise page, and read more about the warranties available for our skylights and glass online or in our VELUX Warranty PDF.


Skylights Just for Hurricane Zones

For the area of the country that's hit hardest by hurricanes, VELUX has developed the Florida/Gulf Coast program to help ensure only the toughest skylights are installed in accordance with the strictest Florida and Gulf Coast area building codes. These skylights are equipped with LoĒ-340 sun protection glass, which is designed with a superior performance specifically for hurricane-prone areas. If you're installing skylights in Florida, Alabama, or Mississippi, check out the Florida/Gulf Coast Price List for more information or contact your local VELUX rep directly.


More Information on Skylight Replacements

When it comes to repairs and replacements, we want to help make sure you have everything you need. After all, hurricanes rarely just hit one house. Check out these helpful forms and guidelines we've produced for making every skylight replacement job run as smoothly as possible: