Posted by Sarah Cocos on June 5, 2020

Have You Heard About VELUX's Florida/Gulf Program?


Selling and installing skylights in the US is an interesting feat because where you are affects each job you approach. For example: skylights installed on ski lodges in the Colorado Rockies may get snow load glass [more]


The Florida & Gulf Coast Program

From hurricanes to sunny days, the Florida and Gulf Coast region is the ultimate challenge for any skylight. At least, any skylight that's not a VELUX! Through extensive product research, development, and testing, we've created a line of skylights with our toughest glass to withstand all the elements the southeastern climate throws their way.


What makes these skylights stand out?

  • Three glass options to fit specific building needs
    • LoĒ-340 Sun Protection Glass blocks solar heat gain and controls glare
    • Hurricane Rated Impact Glass offers additional strength to protect against cracks and leaks
    • Laminated Glass features our industry-leading Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass technology
  • Curb-mounted and self-flashed installation options
  • Compatible pre-installed solar blinds for added light control and energy efficiency
  • Our Quick Ship Program
    • Delivers in 2-4 days in the Florida/Gulf Coast region
    • Applies for most models
    • All popular sizes are stocked by the majority of roofing suppliers


Why LoĒ-340 Glass is Best for the Region

LoĒ-340 Sun Protection Glass is perfect for Florida and the Gulf Coast states because of its unprecedented design and superior performance. It provides optimal year-round comfort when installed in homes located along the sunniest coast. LoĒ-340 has an extremely low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) to reduce oppressive solar heat gain without compromising clear sky views. Going one step further, this glass's top solar control minimizes glare and almost eliminates fading in fabrics. Combine all that with a low U-Factor that prevents heat loss in the cooler months, and LoĒ-340 Sun Protection Glass stands out as the truly superior glass.



If you're in Florida, Alabama, or Mississippi and are interested in learning more about LoĒ-340 Sun Protection Glass and VELUX skylights specifically for your area, give your local VELUX sales rep a call. You can also check out the 2020 Florida/Gulf Skylight Program Price List for more information on specific products.