Posted by VELUX Skylights on March 29, 2018

Natural Light in the Core of Your Home


When you start thinking about installing a skylight, you're probably thinking of your biggest, widest ceilings. Maybe you'll install one over your bed, where you can fall asleep under the stars. Or maybe you'll install one in your kitchen, where you can whip up a delicious breakfast in natural morning sunlight. Oh, or maybe the living room where everyone will see it!

These are all great options for where to install a skylight, but you may also consider your hallways.


Hallways may be an unexpected area for a skylight, but they're actually highly effective locations for it. Since they're normally in the center of the home, hallways have a tendency to be darker. Adding a skylight over your hallway not only brightens it up, it also allows natural light to spill into the rooms along it.


If you opt for the VELUX No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight, your hallway will fill with natural light and fresh air! These venting skylights allow for whole-home airing; when they open, hot air rises and escapes while cooler, fresh air is pulled in below.


Have a small or skinny hallway? VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights are a great way to add natural light to the small spaces in your home, like a hallway. They take up less space, but they provide just as much light to brighten up your halls!