Posted by Kat Wiseman on April 2, 2018

It's Time to Create a New Living Room Focal Point


There's a reason we love home transformation shows so much! Admiring other living room designs and layouts encourages us to switch up our own living room layout or even swap the decor, anything that gives a fresh look or a feeling of newness.

With or without realizing it, when we redecorate, we revolve our design around a focal point. For your living room, this could be the fireplace, TV, or even a wall of windows or opening to another room. These predetermined focal points can feel limiting when we rearrange our entire living room, leaving us with just a few layout choices or an outdated look.


Creating a new focus can open the design potential of your living room, giving you more options and a better overall look. So, how do you do it?


For a new focal point, you can always opt for a new accent piece or different furniture. But what if you added a new focal point that's multi-functional? After all, the living room is where we gather to have conversations, watch shows and movies, eat late-night dinners, and take relaxing naps. In other words, they're functional rooms that accommodate our needs all throughout the day. Care to take a guess at the focal point we have in mind?




Added to your ceiling (a.k.a. its Fifth Wall), a skylight draws your attention up to a new point in your living room: the sky. Your living room's Fifth Wall is full of untapped design potential and free space to expand beyond common white paint to daylight and beautiful sky views.


Since skylights are on your ceiling, your living room takes on a whole new look without disturbing your original focal point. But, remember: we also mentioned functionality! Skylights allow bright, natural daylight to pour into your living room and bathe it in pure sunshine.


Daylight brings out the true colors of your walls and furniture. It animates your space as the sun changes positions throughout the day. Natural light also helps to lower your electric bill so that you can turn off lamps and overhead lights in your living room.


So, before you move the couch again, transform your living room into your perfect vision with natural light from skylights.