Posted by Kat Wiseman on April 27, 2018

How to Bring Daylight Into the Darkest Corners of Your House


Imagine it: natural light in areas of your home you never thought possible!


At VELUX, we believe every room deserves to be filled with bright, natural light. Realistically, though, there are areas in every home that are just a bit harder to illuminate than others.


It's simple enough to incorporate wide windows into your kitchen, living room, and bedroom plans. But other areas, like the stairwell, laundry room, or hallways, seem too small and closed off to bring sunlight in.


Or are they?


VELUX Sun Tunnels make it possible to bring natural light to areas where traditional windows and skylights aren't an option.


VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights bring natural light into the darkest and most isolated spaces in your home through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling. This tunnel that bypasses all obstacles uses an adaptable reflecting tube to direct daylight into every corner of your home.


Interior spaces, like entryways and hallways, can be dark and unwelcoming with their limited access to natural light. But with VELUX's innovative Sun Tunnel Skylights, you can add enough daylight to turn every corner of your home into something truly extraordinary!