Posted by VELUX Skylights on November 20, 2020

A Skylight for Every Ceiling


Have you ever thought about installing a skylight, then looked up at your ceiling and thought that there's just no way? You're not alone! One of the most common misconceptions about skylights is that they can only be installed in certain homes with certain types of ceilings.


But no matter what type of ceiling you have, there's a skylight that's the perfect fit.


Flat Ceilings























The most typical misconception about skylights and ceilings is that rooms with flat ceilings can't have skylights. But take a look at this kitchen: brilliantly lit by two skylights despite a completely flat ceiling. How does that work?


With flat ceilings, you're going to experience a bit more installation work, but it's well worth it. Once the skylight is set up on the roof, the installation process moves inside. At this point, the installer constructs a drywall light shaft surrounding the skylight. The shaft directs daylight to the room below while hiding the attic space in between.


Cathedral Ceilings





















Skylights are most often associated with cathedral ceilings because that's where they're most easily installed. Without any attic space between the roof and the home's interior, there's no need to construct a light shaft. In other words, once the skylight is installed on the roof, all the work is done.


Vaulted Ceilings



Next up are vaulted ceilings. This ceiling type is similar to the cathedral ceiling, but the installation process for it may be more similar to the process for a flat ceiling. Vaulted ceilings feature a single sloping slide or arched slope. That means there may be space between the ceiling and roof, requiring a light shaft to complete the job.


What About Attic Obstructions?

Sometimes when it comes to skylight installation, the issue isn't with your ceiling or your roof — the issue is what's between them. Many of us have HVAC units or other internal climate control equipment taking up space in our attics. Others can't sacrifice the attic storage space that would be lost when constructing a light shaft. So, what are your daylighting options when there are too many attic obstructions?




Where a skylight won't fit, a sun tunnel will! VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights are a unique way to incorporate daylight throughout your home. They're smaller than traditional skylights, so they take up less attic space. They're also available with flexible tunnels to take daylight around any obstructions and deliver it to the room below.



Want to see exactly what skylights would look like in your home? Download the VELUX Visualizer App in the App Store today! Or schedule a free virtual consultation with one of our daylighting experts to discuss your skylight options.