Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 29, 2018

5 Fifth Wall Design Tips for Your Living Room


Did you know you have an extra wall in your living room? Look up - it's right there! Your ceiling, now known as your fifth wall, comes with a whole host of design options that can give your living room an entirely new look and feel. Here are five tips that should help you get started!


Add a Skylight

Of course we were going to suggest adding a skylight! Skylights open your fifth wall to the outdoors, providing a view of blue skies, starry nights, passing storms, and treetops swaying in the breeze. They bathe your living room in natural light, revealing its true colors and textures. Plus, our venting skylights can open to enliven your space with fresh air. And, with blinds, you can add an accent color above.


Add Some Color

Instead of white, choose a compelling color to paint your ceiling so that it accents your living room below! White and off-white have been the default choices for ceilings for so long, but that's starting to change. Whether potent or subtle, a dose of color can alter the geometry of your living room, changing the feeling of the space as it tricks the eye. Colorful ceilings work well in everything from traditional interiors to airy, clean-lined spaces.


Work with Exposed Beams

If you have exposed beams, you've got a few options to play with! Leave them natural or paint them a color that contrasts with your ceiling. You could also paint them the same color as your living room's fifth wall for added architectural interest. And when you combine exposed beams with skylights, you can create interesting shadow patterns as the sun traverses the sky.


Play Up the Wood

If your living room has a wooden floor, consider adding tongue-and-groove wood to your ceiling for a unique design conversation. Wood cladding adds depth, texture, and geometry to your ceiling. The seams create repeating lines that speak to other design elements. Plus, if you've got that skylight, it'll bring out the details of the wood grain and knot pattern in your ceiling.


Or Play with Patterns

Keep things lively in your living room with a geometric pattern on the ceiling! It's your fifth wall, after all, so go a step further and apply wallpaper to it. This will give your living room ceiling an overhead pattern that speaks to similar designs found in the upholstery, pillows, or rugs below.