Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 23, 2018

12 Ways to Use Your Bonus Room


It's just common sense: your bonus room should feel like a bonus! And whether you're looking to revamp an enclosed patio, den, loft, attic, or garage, there are many ways to use your bonus room, so have fun with it! Here are twelve ways you can make the most of your extra space to help get you started.


Art Studio

Having a dedicated studio for your art or craft can offer huge advantages. One of the best benefits to turning your bonus room into your art studio is that everything can stay set up just how you need it whenever you take a break.


Dance Studio

Practice moves and perfect a routine in the comfort of your own home! All it takes is a wall of mirrors, the right flooring, and a little music, and you've created your very own dancer's paradise.


Game Room

For a room that appeals to both family time and entertaining, try a well-stocked game room, complete with a game cupboard, game tables, and maybe even a pool or ping pong table!


Guest Room

A popular option for the bonus room is turning it into a luxury guest room! If all your other bedrooms are full or if you don't entertain very often, deck out your bonus room with convertible furnishings to have a multi-purpose guest room.


Home Gym

Into health and fitness? Tired of driving to the gym? Turn your bonus room into your very own workout area! Fill it with your choice of equipment and create a space that's both convenient and private.


Home Office

If you have your own business or frequently work from home, use your bonus room to create a dedicated space where you can work without distractions. An added bonus: a home office can fit in most any space, whether you have an entire room to work with or just an unused nook.


Home Theater

One of the most popular ways to use a bonus room is as a media room or home theater. This is an especially good use of your space if sound is well-contained in your bonus room.



Whether you're a book lover with a desire for a room dedicated to books or you just need a quiet space where the kids can do homework, you might consider a library in your bonus room. Install bookshelves along the walls and include a few comfortable reading chairs, a desk, and good lighting for a classic home library.


Music Room

If you have budding musicians in the family, provide them a separate room where they can practice to their heart's content. Pile in the instruments, insulate the walls, and you've got a space that'll offer them privacy and, for the rest of the family, sanity!


Photography Studio

Got a passion for photos? Grow your passion and your business right from your home by transforming your bonus room to a photography studio! And with your own space, you won't have to tear down backdrops or remove any lighting set-ups in between sessions.



If you've got kids, you'll instantly recognize the benefit of having a space dedicated to them. Whether your bonus room is in the basement or attic, above the garage, or in an empty bedroom, it can be easily transformed into the perfect playroom.



A bonus room with a lot of windows would make an ideal sunroom. Even if your unused space doesn't have many windows, you could create a spot perfect for reading, relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine by installing skylights! Furnish it with chairs and tables, and you're ready to enjoy!