Posted by Dom Cioffi on May 27, 2021

VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel® Skylights


For adequate daylighting, big commercial buildings require big commercial skylights, right?


Not necessarily.


VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel® Skylights provide a cost-effective method for transferring daylight through the roof even in large warehouses. With their highly reflective silver tunnels - more than 98% total reflectivity (99.9% on the silver layer) - Sun Tunnel® Skylights provide clean, bright daylight in a way that reduces energy loads and improves occupants' performance and comfort.




VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel Models

Available in rigid and flexible tube options, there are 3 different Sun Tunnel® models you can utilize for your daylighting project.

  • TCC: Curb mount flashing model
    • Available as a 14" Low Profile Dome or 22" High Profile Tall or SunCurve Dome
    • Roof pitch: 0º - 60º
  • TGC: Self-flashed model
    • Available as a 14" Low Profile Dome or 22" High Profile Tall or SunCurve Dome
    • Roof pitch: 0º - 60º
  • TMC: Pitched, self-flashed model
    • Available as a 14" Low Profile Dome
    • Roof pitch: 14º - 60º


The SunCurve Dome

One of the three domes available on VELUX Sun Tunnels®, the SunCurve Dome was designed specifically to capture daylight all throughout the day, at any angle, maximizing the performance of 22" models. The SunCurve Dome captures rising and setting low-angle sunlight in the morning and afternoon and curves it down the tunnel. It's also able to manage the intense, direct mid-day sun so the space below is bright and comfortable without glare.


Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 12.18.35 PM

Tall and Low Profile Domes are also available for commercial Sun Tunnel projects.


Flexi Loc™ Quick Assembly System

Each VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnel utilizes the Flexi Loc™ quick assembly system, the only advanced tunnel connection system that cuts tunnel installation time in half. Flexi Loc™ was designed for VELUX Sun Tunnels® to piece elbows, tunnel sections, and other rigid tunnel components together quicker than with conventional screws.


Where to Install VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnels

Designed for flat or low-slope commercial roofs, VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnels® are perfect above any space that will benefit from daylight. Ideal applications include schools, retail spaces, and warehouses that require a cost-effective daylight solution. Additional cost savings can be achieved with open ceiling applications.



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