Posted by Maggie Bailey on September 28, 2021

VELUX Commercial Dome Accessories

Commercial Featured Applications

VELUX Commercial Dome Unit Skylights are one of the most popular ways to naturally light commercial spaces. But some jobs require more than just the domes. Here is a breakdown of all the accessories available for VELUX Commercial Dome Unit Skylights to help you get the job done.


Dome Unit Curbs

Some VELUX Commercial Dome projects require a curb to complete the installation. Our prefabricated curbs are fully assembled to help reduce installation time and cost, as well as eliminate missing parts and field assembly. These curbs are ideal for jobs with tight deadlines and are available in insulated and non-insulated models.


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Fall Protection

All skylights pose an inherent risk during installation and maintenance, and the safety of others is of the utmost importance to VELUX Commercial. That is why we have developed a number of fall protection options that are compatible with our unit domes to help enhance long-term safety.

Internal Safety Screens

Internal safety screens provide a cost-effective means to protect skylight openings. Installed just beneath the dome skylight, internal safety screens provide enhanced safety measures both during construction and long after construction is complete.

External Safety Screens

External safety screens provide OSHA fall protection for domed skylights on flat roofs. VELUX Commercial external safety screens have an adjustment range of 4" in width for easy installation and can be installed without damaging or penetrating the skylight.

Built-In Fall Protection

For some jobs, you want built-in fall protection. For those jobs, look to our Dome Unit Curbs. Models CCA6 and CCA3 curbs come with an impact-tested security screen in a grid pattern using 3/16" cold-rolled galvanized steel rods.


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