Posted by Allyson Miller on June 28, 2017

You'll never get along with millennials if you're doing this


They work differently than any other generation that has come before them. And with technology at their fingertips, challenges are in store for businesses that aren't prepared to accommodate the millennial working style. 

The Millennial generation, (the Boomerang generation, Generation Y, etc.) consist of everyone born between 1977 and 1995.  

They are the most studied generation to date.  They are entitled. They are self-righteous and are overly certain. They lack focus and are typical out for themselves. They talk more than they listen and can barely disconnect. Above all else, they are "those kids" everyone seems to be talking about. 

Throw them in the workplace and the next thing to come to your mind is bean bag chairs, kale salads, and in-office yoga.  But you'll never get along with them in the workplace if you keep this up.  So here's what to avoid: 

1. Assuming they are overly entitled 

As the children who grew up with "participation trophies" given to them, it's only assumed that this sense of entitlement transfers over into the workplace. 

But, what some deem entitlement, millennials see as wanting to share the responsibility. With individual empowerment through social media, millennials don't want to be another cog in the machine. 

Creating opportunities and allowing them to take responsibility on a micro level is step in a good direction. 

2. Thinking they lack focus because of the social world they live in

Millennials hear it every. single. day.  "All you do is sit on your phone." 

Growing up with technology at their fingertips, Millennials have become attached to their smartphones, using it as a source for everything from entertainment to communication. Naturally it causes tension in the workplace. 

But depsite having their phones glued to their fingers, millennials are more focused and more connected than ever, ready to learn more about subjects and the rest of the world. Smartphones do not have to be seen as the boon of society—if anything use the strength of a millennial's social networking skills to your business's benefit.

3. Beliving they're only passion is Taco Tuesday and Wing Wednesday

Who doesn't like tacos on Tuesday, wing on Wednesday, drinks on Thursday, and whatever else the rest of the week? And just because Taco Tuesday has become the norm for milliennials to talk's certainly not their passion. 

Millennials have quickly become global citizens and environmental advocates. Their passions lie in helping others, not for the sake of being thanked, but because it's the right thing to do. 

Discovering their passions and bringing it to the workplace is one way to show and receive appreciation from millennials. 

4. Thinking they're lazy when they don't get something done on-time

This might come at a surprise, but 69% of millennials say they believe regular office attendance in unnecessary — most prefer to choose when and where they work.

Why? It's simple in that millennials measure their productivity by the job, task, work they complete—not by the time spent in the office. 

5. Not bothering to tell them "why"

When you get asked the question "why" on repeat, you probably think a toddler has just replaced your millennial employee.  But the fact of the matter is that millennials are driven by impact.  They want to feel that what they're doing and who they are working for is a worthy mission—because millennials are becoming the most global-conscious and advocate-driven generation so far.

6. Ignoring their opinion 

Opinions are like armpit, and millennials seem to like to share theirs often (opinions...not armpits) in the workplace. Hearing their thoughts on a task or a project might not be something you're used to doing, but it can go a long way for millennials.

Like mentioned before, they want to feel what they're doing is worthy, but also that they are valued and are contributing to that overall goal of the organization. 


Sure, you can still call them " those kids" if you want, but understanding millennials different work element could bring balance to the workplace. 

We wouldn't be recognizing millennials the right way if we didn't say that this was a save space for you to leave your thoughts and comments.