Posted by Kat Wiseman on May 31, 2018

Why It Pays To Replace Skylights During Reroofing Projects


Back in the day, builders used to install skylights made of acrylic or plastic domes. Although popular at the time, we've come to learn that these products are better off being replaced with new model skylights, like the ones VELUX offers.


Replacing The Bubble

It's happening a lot lately with these old skylights: homeowners are calling complaining of leaks. Then, when you get there, you see it's because condensation is trapped. Worse yet, with these old style bubbles, there's no energy efficiency so homeowners are letting in more heat during the summer while their furnace runs more in the winter.

It's not difficult to replace these skylights, and VELUX offers the best replacement with our Solar "Fresh Air" Skylights. They install the same way as other skylights and require no more extra cost or work to upgrade the product. And like with any replacement skylight, you're typically only there for the day to get the job done.

As an added bonus, the homeowner gets a better product and a more valuable experience. In turn, they're more likely to talk to neighbors, friends, and relatives about replacing or upgrading their own skylights.


Reasons To Replace

Even if a customer has an older model skylight that hasn't started leaking, it makes the most sense to replace it when you reroof. It gives your customers a better product, as well as peace of mind, and as Robert LaBelle of LaBelle Roofing and Wayland Skylights said: "Replacing the skylights can add $500 to $1000 to our bottom-line profit, so replacing them also makes business sense."

Not sure how to talk to your customers about skylight replacement? Here are five reasons for replacement you can use to educate your customers:

  • 1. Save time and money: The skylights are old and with the roofing crew's work, they're likely to loosen up a bit. Replace them during reroofing to avoid more costly problems later.
  • 2. Solar tax credit: Customers can get the latest, greatest solar powered skylight models for much less because they're eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on product and installation through December 31, 2019. Solar powered models also have the most functionality so your customers are getting the most bang for their buck.
  • 3. Improved energy efficiency: Simply put, older skylights just aren't energy efficient. On the other hand, the newest VELUX models feature dual-paned glass that provides improved energy efficiency over the old skylights.
  • 4. Daylight and fresh air: Update skylights for new functionality! VELUX's latest solar-powered models are remote controlled and the blinds are adjusted with the tap of a touchscreen.
  • 5. Blinds for light control: Speaking of blinds, the newest skylight models can be outfitted with room darkening or light diffusing blinds to provide light control in the room below. They even come in fun colors and patterns for a little design excitement on the ceiling!


Replacing skylights during reroofing can increase your profits by up to $800 and give customers peace of mind. So, isn't it about time you started replacing while reroofing?