Posted by Kat Wiseman on July 19, 2018

Using Skylights For Ventilation


You've probably noticed: it's a scorcher of a summer out there this year!

Not surprisingly, homeowners are using everything from HVAC to box fans to window units to try and keep cool inside. And as a VELUX installer, you can offer yet another solution: skylights.


Skylights let in more than just daylight - they also open to allow fresh air flow through the home. Check out this video that shows how builder Tim O'Brien, of Tim O'Brien Homes in Milwaukee, WI, uses VELUX skylights to create air flow in his homes:



Passive Cooling

When set up in the right places along a roof, skylights are a great way to allow passive cooling throughout the home. Solar-powered VELUX skylights, which can be programmed to open and close to control inner air temperature and quality, allow contractors to capitalize on natural air and bring it into the home to help cool the entire house.


The Chimney Effect

The Chimney Effect occurs when you open a vertical window and skylight at the same time. As heavier, cooler air flows in through the windows, it pushes lighter, warmer air out through the skylights above. When placed all throughout the home, this can significantly cool a house, even during the hot summer months without running so much A/C.


Energy Efficiency

Another bonus for skylight owners: with added air flow throughout the house, they don't need to run their HVAC system as much. When skylights bring fresh air into the house, it exhausts stale, contaminated air out of the home without mechanical ventilation.


Because VELUX Skylights can be solar-powered, you also don't need to deal with running any extra wires to the ceiling or roof. In addition to being energy efficient, this makes installation easier and gives the skylight a cleaner look.