Posted by Allyson Miller on May 18, 2017

Unbelievable Reasons Why Drones Are Not Just for Children


I received a drone last year for Christmas. 

And, I spent the better half of that day attempting to get the drone off the ground and flying in a straight path. Much harder than it appeared to be.

But once airborne, the view was spectacular! (Drones come with cameras that sync to your smartphone to give you aerial shots.) 

Soon as I got cocky enough to let the drone fly a little higher (haphazardly flying over the house), I noticed the roof had seen better days: shingles were missing in some spots, others were cracked. 

In a matter of seconds (maybe minutes with my bad flying skills), I was able to see that I needed to call a roofer.

So, whether you're a residential or commercial roofing contractor, drones are a must-have in your arsenal.

And with software being released just for drones and roofing companies, these "toys" could save you hours in preliminary work. 

What are drones? 

Despite their military-sounding name, drones are quadrocopters that depend on four to eight propellers, a remote control, and a camera to assist with guidance. 

Short of just being toys for children 13 and up, drones work on the basic premise of gathering data: photos. Due to this, businesses are becoming more aware of the potential benefits drones can provide. 

Building industry, are you listening? 

Here's some unbelievable reasons to tell your boss or convince yourself to invest in drones! 

1. Faster estimates

Instead of pulling down your ladder from the truck, positioning it in the correct spot, climbing up, taking a look, climbing down, and repeating the cycle...use a drone. 

With the ability to fly high enough to capture a view of the entire roof, drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras that can record and photograph.

You'll be able to spot problem areas quicker than before. 

2. Safer—less liability 

Again with the ladder, I know, but when you have a drone to do the scouting over the rooftop for you, you lower your chances of an accident. 

While you stay firmly secure on the ground, drones will capture all the data you need to know about a customer's roof. 

Safer? I think so! 

3. It's fun!  

You have to admit, operating a drone for work purposes sounds fun—all I need to say. 

4. Higher return on investment

Unlike other gadgets, drones vary in price but are typically under $1000. And due to the speed of reporting back data to you, you can cover more houses in a workday than ever before. 

5. Pairs with ingenious technology 

If ditching your ladder wasn't enough to convince you to purchase a drone,  being able to instantly receive rooftop measurements should. 

With various tools and programs out there (like RoofSnap) that seamlessly sync with your drone, you'll be able to accurately measure and estimate a roofing project—all while impressing your customer with your flying abilities.

Drones aren't just for kids to play with; they can dramatically improve how you run your business. And with new technology being released you can be miles ahead (and above) the competition. 

Are you currently using drones in your workday? Talk to me in the comment section to let me know how it's going! 


**The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration of many drones flown in the US, for hobby or commercial purposes. Learn more about drone registration requirements here. If you have questions about using a drone for your business, please visit the FAA's Frequently Asked Questions.  VELUX provides these links for educational purposes only.  Please use caution when operating drones.