Posted by Allyson Miller on April 26, 2017

Profiting from Daylight and Fresh Air: The 7 Most-Asked Questions Answered


From knowing the ins and outs of all the different skylight and sun tunnel models, to understanding the rudimentary concepts of design to find the perfect installation location—you've got a tough job.

And because of that, we wanted to make things a little easier for you by answering the biggest questions you'll get asked, as well as the ones you have yourself. The more you know, the more you'll profit from some daylight and fresh air!

Question #1: Are skylights really worth it? 

You'll get this question A LOT!

And it's probably the biggest question you'll need to be able to answer before you can start making a profit off of daylight and fresh air products.

So what's the answer? To put it simply: skylights are worth it!

Aside from their ability to brighten dark rooms and hallways, provide dimension to the home—VELUX "Fresh Air" skylights also ventilate the room, allowing fresh air to flow throughout the entire house.

Question #2: Is it going to leak? 

Thanks to the brilliant engineers here at VELUX, any VELUX deck or curb mounted product  comes with our No Leak Promise. And that's something we stand by.

Learn more here about the three layers of water protection that comes with all of our skylight products.

Question #3: Are skylights going to make a big difference to my customer's home and their energy bill? 

Yes! Since skylights will beam bright daylight right through the glass, homeowners won't need to depend on lights to brighten their home. Also, with the ability to open and close the skylight, they'll also be able to cut off their AC and let cool, refreshing outdoor air spread throughout the house. Let the good and send the bad out.

As for the design side of the home, skylights give a more aesthetically-pleasing dimension to the space. Just take a look at this before and after picture and video!


Question #4: What's the difference between all of VELUX skylights? And what do you mean by "Fresh Air" skylights? 

VELUX offers 4 different variations of skylights, plus sun tunnels. Our skylights range from "Fresh Air" solar powered, electric, manual, to fixed.

Our mission is to provide your customers with the solution to not only brighten their home but to also refresh it. When we mention "Fresh Air" skylight, we exclusive talking about our skylights that have the ability to open and close, and allow fresh air to enter the space. Our belief that fresh air promotes healthy living (and breathing).

As for the differences between each of our skylights, you can read more about that here?

Question #5: When's the best time to install or replace skylights? 

This question has many different types of answers to it, and they all depend on your customer.

The first answer would be, when a skylight looks in disrepair (the flashing is worn) then it's time to start consultation about replacing the skylight.

Another great time to replace a skylight is to do it when you have plans to reroof a customer's home. Not only will that skylight warranty sync up the roof warranty, but it will also turn two projects into one.

Check out this video for more information on when to replace a skylight! 

Question #6: Where's the best spot to place a skylight? 

The great part about skylights is that they can go virtually anywhere and when you throw in the combination of using sun tunnels, you can transform your customer's home just by using daylight and fresh air.

To get the most out of the daylight, a north facing wall is always the best option to choose. But if you want to follow in the footsteps of VELUX, why not put skylights in every room?

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at our headquarters that has over 200 variations of skylights in it!

Melvin Farms

Question #7: How much profit can my business make from skylights? 

Although there's several different variables to consider, we can give one good example of potential profits from daylight and fresh air.

When you reroof a customer's home and suggest adding in a VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" skylight, you have the potential to make 30% to 50% more per job.

30% to 50% more per job! That's a good bit of extra profit if you ask me.

So are you ready to make more profits off of daylight and fresh air? We thought so, too! Have any more questions? Leave us a comment or contact your VELUX sales representative today.