Posted by Kat Wiseman on July 19, 2019

Profitable Opportunities with Skylights: Creating a Room in the Roof


VELUX daylighting products not only enhance homes with natural light and fresh air, they also offer a profitable opportunity for today's building professionals.

How you ask?

There are a few different ways to increase your bottom line with VELUX products. Today, we're focusing on creating a livable room in the roof. Turning the attic space of your homes into a room full of daylight and fresh air is an excellent way to increase your profits. It offers a competitive advantage, appeals to homebuyers, and contributes to higher profitability.


Competitive Advantage

By creating a room in the roof, you can improve the consumer appeal of the home you're building while also lowering your average per square foot cost by 9%. Increasing the profitability of your homes this way gives you a tremendous competitive advantage in the market today. You can see this advantage in several areas:

  • Differentiate your homes from other builders with innovative floor plans that stick out in the minds of homebuyers.
  • Meet the #1 desire of most homebuyers: providing a solution for efficient home design that maximizes usable square footage.
  • Enhance your reputation as a high-quality, environmentally-friendly builder.
  • Experience access to expert VELUX assistance from our architectural staff on how to modify plans and uncover hidden profits at no cost to you.


Consumer Appeal

So, just what is so appealing to homebuyers about a room in the roof? It's because of what they can provide, which is:

  • More livable space
    • 61% of married couples with children report wanting 4+ bedrooms.
    • 58% of homebuyers report wanting a home office.
    • A room in the roof could easily become either.
  • The ability to live in the same house for longer
  • The opportunity for homebuyers to expand their home when necessary
  • Additional affordable space
    • 54% of homebuyers report being willing to accept unfinished space that can be finished into a desirable living space if it makes the house more affordable.
  • A boost in the home's resale value


High Profitability

A competitive edge and consumer appeal are great, but what makes a room in the roof actually profitable? Well, a room in the roof increases the profitability of your homes by:

  • Reducing the overall per square foot construction by 9%,
  • Making higher margin dollars on additional space,
  • Efficiently using land to build up, not out, and
  • Increasing the appraisal values of your homes.
    • Finished attics and bonus rooms typically appraise at 100% of the value of the rest of the house while basements typically appraise only 40%-70%.