Posted by Sarah Cocos on September 18, 2020

Product Spotlight: VELUX Fresh Air Skylights


Welcome back to another edition of VELUX Product Spotlight! Today, the light shines on the "Fresh Air" Skylight Family, a core part of VELUX's line of residential daylighting products. These venting skylights allow homeowners to enjoy regular fresh air in addition to the abundant natural light skylights provide. And they can have it their way — solar, electric, or manual.


Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights


VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights, available in deck- and curb-mounted options, features a solar panel that captures available daylight to power the skylight. The solar panel recharges a highly-efficient and fully-concealed battery-powered operator and control system. Since the operator opens and closes the skylight, there's no wiring involved, making it an ideal replacement option for existing fixed or manual skylights. The skylight also has a rain sensor built in to close the unit automatically in inclement weather.


Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights are a part of our Go Solar program. This means homeowners who install these skylights become eligible for a federal tax credit worth 26% of the cost of product and installation. 


Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights

vse-electricThe VELUX Electric "Fresh Air" Skylight is also available in curb- and deck-mounted installations. It brings in abundant natural light and opens with the touch of a button. It features a single 20' hard wire that connects to a standard junction box as its power source and also comes equipped with a rain sensor. Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights are compatible with VELUX blinds, which are available in a variety of styles and colors.


Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights

vcm-manual-1Lastly, VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights are as simple, straightforward, and stunning as they come. Rather than using electric or solar-powered components, this skylight opens and closes by hand with a smooth turning handle for in-reach applications and a rod for out-of-reach ones. Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights are also available for deck- or curb-mounted installations and compatible with VELUX blinds. In fact, when installed with a VELUX solar-powered blind, Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights become eligible for the Go Solar federal tax credit as well.