Posted by Jim Lucas on October 23, 2020

Product Spotlight: The Dynamic Dome


This week on VELUX Product Spotlight, we're flipping to the commercial side of daylighting with the VELUX Dynamic Dome. This innovative skylight balances design and function to deliver high-quality natural light in warehouses, indoor markets, factories, and other commercial buildings.


A Revolution in Commercial Skylights

Without question, no other commercial skylight on the market can match the unique design and architectural elegance of the VELUX Dynamic Dome. Balancing the structural demands of industry professionals with an architecturally progressive design, the Dynamic Dome has revolutionized the commercial skylight market. But just what makes the Dynamic Dome so revolutionary? Check out its benefits:


Dynamic Dome Benefits

Competitive Market Pricing

When it comes to the Dynamic Domes, we utilize a high-volume manufacturing process to help cut costs and pass along savings. Costs associated with curb tape and silicone are also eliminated due to the Dome's dry installation method. And when shipping, more Dynamic Domes can ship per truckload (compared to competing models) because of their compact nesting nature. This compounds savings in freight costs too.


Industry-Leading Strength

The Dynamic Dome offers uncompromising strength within a visually stunning architectural design by integrating a repeating pattern of ridges and ribs based on the geometry of an octahedron. The Dome's glazing is also engineered from the finest thermoplastic material, making it the industry's most robust combination of low-weight and high strength.


Light Harvesting

To harvest more sunlight to transfer indoors, the sidewall of the Dynamic Dome has been engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods in the morning and evening. The Dynamic Dome is also 30% taller than the total width of the skylight, which optimizes it for increased light transmittance. Additionally, the dome's design of an innovative clear, smooth outer dome laid over a white prismatic inner dome provides 100% diffusion while delivering up to 20% more light than similar, non-VELUX domes.


Secure Thermal Seal

The Dynamic Dome's design includes an impenetrable water barrier with a 100% thermally broken skylight frame, isolating interior surfaces from exterior temperatures. This "warm design" virtually eliminates condensation while also providing a secure weather seal to the curb to impede air, water, and bug infiltration.


Superior Water Management

Most commercial skylights allow condensation to collect within an interior gutter. But the Dynamic Dome utilizes a fail-safe proprietary wicking system that evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight. We've also incorporated a one-piece inner frame for superior durability and 50-year silicone.


What It's Made Of

improved-frame-designHere's a slice of what makes up the Dynamic Dome:


1. 50-year Silicone


2. Glazing Spacer. This allows for condensation release to reduce cracking.


3. The Inner Dome. This rests on material with similar expansion and contraction for extra durability.


4. One-Piece Thermoplastic Inner Frame. This innovative piece creates an impenetrable water barrier with a fail-safe extra layer of water protection, leaving no path for water to enter the building through the Dynamic Dome. It's 100% thermally broken (the frame is the thermal break), and there are no exposed holes to the exterior, preventing air, water, or bug filtration.


A Dynamic Dome Case Study

At VELUX, we've always believed the experience of natural light through skylights speaks louder than anything else. So, check out this video featuring several of our employees in Reno, Nevada speak about the advantages of working in a space filled with Dynamic Domes.



And here's a link to download the Eneref Institute Report on this case study mentioned at the end of the video.


More VELUX Commercial Domes

Interested in dome skylights but not sure the Dynamic Dome is the right one for your project? We also offer Acrylic Double Domes and Traditional Dome Skylights for commercial applications. Reach out to your local VELUX sales rep to learn more.