Posted by Kevin DeHaven on July 10, 2020

Product Spotlight: Flat Roof Skylights


Skylights aren't just for sloped roofs anymore!


VELUX's Flat Roof Skylights are available to meet the growing demand for skylights in homes with flat or low-pitch roofs. In other words, now you can transform even more spaces with daylight and fresh air!


VELUX Flat Roof Skylights

VELUX now has four daylighting options for homeowners who want skylights but have flat or low-pitch roofs. These include the Fixed Flat Roof Skylight, the Flat Roof Exit Skylight, our classic No Leak Fixed Skylight, and the TCR Sun Tunnel® Skylight.


Fixed Flat Roof Skylights

Designed specifically for flat roof homes, VELUX Fixed Flat Roof Skylights are made up of two parts: an insulated PVC curb base and either a Curved Glass or Polycarbonate Dome top. The Curved Glass top is a modern, innovative CurveTech design that lets rainwater easily roll off for a clean look that also prevents leaks. It features tempered glass that's virtually scratch-proof and provides a durable layer of protection. The Polycarbonate Dome is also built with a slight curve to help disperse rainwater. It's durable, impact-resistant, and features edge-to-edge counter flashing for leak protection.


The Fixed Flat Roof Skylight is compatible with roof pitches 0° - 15°, and is available in 5 sizes for Curved Glass tops and 6 sizes for Polycarbonate Dome tops.


Flat Roof Exit Skylights

For flat roof jobs where fresh air or egress options are needed, there's the VELUX Flat Roof Exit Skylight! Like the Fixed Flat Roof Skylight, this model features an insulated PVC frame as its base. And on top sits a robust polycarbonate dome that is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellets, and other extreme weather. This dome opens up with gas arm struts to a 60° angle for unimpeded access to the roof. And the hinges can be placed on either side to meet the homeowner's opening preference.


All Flat Roof Exit Skylights are manually operated. They're available in 3 sizes for homes with 0° - 15° roof pitches.


No Leak Fixed Skylight

Our No Leak Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight isn't new, but it can also be installed on a flat roof to provide bright, natural light to the space below. Featuring Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass and our industry-leading No Leak Promise, VELUX Fixed Skylights can brighten up and open up any room, even with a 0° roof pitch. Add a solar-powered blind, and you've also given your homeowners light control.


The No Leak Fixed Skylight is available in 12 sizes. And while there is a deck-mounted version of this skylight, only the curb-mounted model is compatible with flat roofs.


TCR Sun Tunnel® Skylight

The VELUX TCR Sun Tunnel® Skylight is an economic alternative to our other flat roof options. This sun tunnel features a one-piece, metal curb-mounted flashing so it can sit squarely on any flat roof and provide natural light - without leaking when it rains. The low-profile dome is available in acrylic and polycarbonate options to match any roofline.


Ready to add skylights to your flat roof homes? Contact your local VELUX sales associate or distributer today!