Posted by VELUX Skylights on March 20, 2023

Natural Light in Interior Spaces


Good architects and designers understand the importance of natural light not just as a source of illumination, but as a creative element that can be manipulated to enhance the structure and design of a home. When carefully paired with thoughtful design, natural light has the power to transform the atmosphere, mood, and physical appearance of a space.


In this blog, we will explore the impact that natural light can have on unique spaces, and provide design ideas for different rooms in a home that can serve as inspiration for your own projects. Our goal is to inspire you on ways to incorporate natural light into your designs and builds. Whether you're an architect or designer,  we hope to offer insights that will help you create beautiful, light-filled spaces.




Here is a simple design that adds space and natural light to what used to be a tight kitchen. Skylights often get the reputation of only being able to work in larger areas like a living room, but this kitchen is a great example of how a skylight can work even in small spaces. 



bathroom -1Skylights are perfect for any bathroom as they are beautiful and functional. Unlike traditional windows, skylights provide natural light from above to illuminate a homeowner's space without having to sacrifice on privacy. Also, a venting skylight in the bathroom can eliminate condensation and unpleasant odors throughout the day without the homeowner having to rely on an electrical fan.


Living Area 

Living Room

The living room tends to be the first place homeowners think of when it comes to where a skylight could work in their home and for good reason. Living room skylights illuminate the space below with natural light while maintaining privacy and can help cut costs for homeowners by eliminating the constant need for artificial light. These skylights work great with the high ceilings as they give space for light to disperse Illuminating not only the living area below it, but other rooms around it through borrowed light.


Outdoor Living Space 

outdoor living spaceOn this covered porch, the bright blue hue of the rug complements the cedar plank ceiling and mimics the sky view from the four skylights. Green makes a debut with a series of large native plants. Pots can be used to infer an outline of the perimeter. Here the foliage contributes a fencelike feature without feeling like a barrier. 


The skylights not only help give purpose to this outdoor space, but give the plants the sunlight they need!


Sun Tunnel® Skylights 

sun tunnel bathroom and laundry

sun tunnel hallway and closet

Sun Tunnel skylights are a great way to add natural light to small and hard-to-reach places without having to drive up the energy bill with artificial light. Cost-friendly and easy to install, Sun Tunnel skylights are a great option for homeowners that may not be quite ready for a full skylight, but still want the benefits of natural light.