Posted by Kat Wiseman on May 29, 2018

Mythbusters: Skylight Edition


Adding skylights to a home is a fun and effective way for new homeowners to create a spacious open-air floorplan while also regulating indoor air quality and temperature. So why are so many people hesitant to include them in their plans? 

It's no secret that skylights have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Old school plastic skylights couldn't provide much of a view and, worse, they were prone to leaking.

And while skylights have evolved over the years, homeowners' perceptions of them are still catching up. That's why we've put together the top five skylight myths and how you can help bust them!


Myth #1: All Skylights Leak

The most common and prevailing of all skylight myths is that if you put a hole in your roof, eventually it will leak. That may have been true in the past,but you've got VELUX Skylights, also known as the No Leak Skylights. With three layers of protection from the elements, a 10-year installation warranty, and solar and electric options that automatically close open skylights at the first sign of rain, it's not hard to reassure homeowners their VELUX Skylights won't leak.


Myth #2: You Can't Turn Off A Skylight

Okay, in the literal sense, it's true that you can't "turn off" a skylight during the day. ButVELUX has a solution: skylight blinds. From Venetian to blackout, homeowners can block out as little or as much light as needed during the day. Homeowners can get blinds installed with their skylight or order them later and, with thePick&Click!® System, easily install them themselves.


Myth #3: It's A Major Undertaking To Install A Skylight

Obviously if you're building a house from scratch, installing a skylight is a simple enough step to add in. It's when you're doing renovations that homeowners can be hesitant to go through all the work of installing a skylight. But since VELUX Skylights come with everything you need to install them quickly, adding skylights can take as little as an afternoon! Bigger projects can take more time, but you shouldn't need more than a few days to cut a hole, install the skylights, and clean up.


Myth #4: Skylights Require Constant Maintenance

You know about our Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass, but do your homeowners? They're probably used to ordinary glass, the rough surface of which causes water to bead higher, leading to more spots and greater cleaning needs. The patented smooth surface of our glass, however, disperses water evenly, removing dirt more quickly, reducing water spots, and allowing homeowners to enjoy their skylight without constant cleaning.


Myth #5: Skylights Only Provide Light During The Day

Traditional skylights can only let in the light from the sun, but VELUX Sun Tunnels can now be outfitted with a night light! VELUX's Solar Night Light attaches discreetly to the inside of our Sun Tunnels. During the day, a solar panel charges its battery, and at night, LED bulbs light up the space below.