Posted by Kevin DeHaven on September 25, 2020

Meet the VELUX Visualizer App


Drumroll, please... Introducing the new VELUX Visualizer App!


Available now in the App Store and coming soon to Google Play, VELUX Skylights AR lets you show homeowners exactly what skylights will look like in rooms that have already been built.


About the App

The best way to show homeowners the difference skylights make is to, well, show them skylights. If you have a model home that showcases skylights already, that can help. But what if you're working on a new build or a remodeling job? How do you showcase skylights in a room that already has a ceiling?


With the VELUX Visualizer app, you can help homeowners reimagine any room with skylights. Using your phone's built-in camera, this augmented reality app allows you to add, customize, and explore VELUX's skylight products in real time. You can even save the results and share images from the app with your homeowners. Or encourage them to download it on their phones. When they're ready to install, they can also contact you again through the app's installer locator.


How it Works

The VELUX Visualizer app is free to install and easy to use. In three simple steps, you and your homeowners can see exactly how skylights will look in the room where you're standing.


Step One: Choose Your Skylight

Browse our range of skylight products to determine what look and functionality best suits the space.


Step Two: Place Your Skylight

Using augmented reality, the app automatically detects the ceiling's orientation and dimensions, then places the chosen skylight into perspective.


Step Three: Configure Your Skylight

Now the sky's the limit! Try out different configurations, explore our colorful library of blinds, and even simulate different times of day.


Want to see it in action? Check out this video showing the full user experience:




The VELUX Visualizer app combines the latest AR technology and VELUX's skylight products so your homeowners can experience VELUX like never before. Download it in the App Store today!