Posted by Kat Wiseman on August 16, 2021

Make the Most of Borrowed Light with Skylights in Sunrooms


Sunrooms, all-season rooms, and covered porches are growing more and more popular with homeowners. In fact, they are one of the top aspects of a house in the realty market as many homeowners want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of the inside.


Sunrooms are a relaxing place for homeowners to unwind, and they can improve a home's value. If you aren't already including them as an option for your home designs, it's time to reconsider sunrooms!


VELUX Sunroom Designs

To accommodate the growing demand for sunrooms, we've created designs for VELUX Sunrooms and Porches, all featuring skylights:

  • The VELUX Gable Roof Sunroom
  • The VELUX Shed Roof Sunroom
  • The VELUX Gable Roof Covered Porch
  • The VELUX Shed Roof Screened Porch

These plans include elevations, floor, roof plans; framing plans with sections and details; and a list of materials. And for adaptability, you can use any of the plans to create a covered, open-air porch if your homeowner doesn't want a closed-in sunroom.


Learn more about how to use these plans to create a room full of light - and an overall brighter floor plan - with the VELUX Sunroom Brochure.


Borrowed Light Creates a Brighter Floor Plan

But wait...Won't adding a sunroom darken the rooms around it? That's where the skylights come in!


Sunrooms and covered porches with traditional roofs do block windows or patio doors that deliver natural light to the interior spaces of the main house, making them darker overall. But when you add skylights, natural light can come in through a different angle and potentially double the amount of natural light in those interior spaces.


This is what we call "borrowed light," and you can see it in action with one of the VELUX Sunroom Floor Plans in this video: