Posted by Allyson Miller on July 31, 2017

Life in the Amazon: How this company is changing customer expectations


I have Amazon Prime, and I must say it's pretty spectacular. 

In two days from when I place my order, I get a package in the mail. I also check easily competitive prices, read reviews, and narrow down my options. It doesn't make me special or anything because about 54 million people—half of all US households—have it. And because of the unique service Amazon provides there's a reason it keeps getting more popular. 

Amazon's humble beginnings started in a garage in Bellevue, Washington and has since grown to 341,400 
employees  and one fulfillment center that cover one million square feet...or about 23 acres. But besides just providing us a variety of products and incredibly fast delivery, Amazon has provided the consumer something else: a new way of buying. 

Think about it, with the emergence of Amazon more customers are doing their homework before making a purchase. They read reviews, compare prices, and learn more about the company before every clicking "add to cart." 

And that customer mentality doesn't just stay with Amazon, it's starting to spill over into everything. Everything from buying a car, toilet paper, to remodeling their home—customers want to know your services, the price, how you compare to others, reviews about your company, and how fast you can do the project.

So exactly how has Amazon changed how we think and how do you as a business owner adapt? 

1. Keeping your eyes out for those funny reviews

No Amazon didn't invent funny reviews—but they did help reviews become more popular.  And the funnier they are, the more popular the product becomes.

And like most other consumers, I won't buy a product without reading a review. I trust what my fellow purchaser is saying as compared to the company.

Like this bananas slicer.  

With over 5,688 reviews and 685 questions answered...this product caught my attention. And the reviews that follow are hysterical.

But you don't have to have funny reviews to win customers. Having reviews of you, your services, and your products in the first place is what customers expect.

2. What's your response time? Make it better! 

I'm almost to the point where two days seems like a long time now thanks to Amazon's same-day and one-hour delivery in Charlotte. 

So naturally, if a company makes me wait more than a day or two to hear back from them about a service...well, I pretty much move on to another company. 

And I'm not alone in that. Over 81 percent of consumers want, no wait, demand improved response time. 

If you don't deliver, they'll move on because Amazon and other speedy companies have changed our mentality that fast customer service shows their want for our business and money. 

3. Sure price isn't everything, but it's definitely something

Because Amazon has made comparing prices so easy to do, prices comparisons have come to the forefront of customer's minds. 

About 68 percent of online shoppers, which is what most of consumers are doing nowadays, are looking for the best price. 

Now, just because you have the best price on your service doesn't necessarily get you the job but it's one of the items customers want to know. 

4. The quest for the best customer service 

When it comes to Amazon's customer service, they have a lot on their plate. From searching for missing items, to solving refund issues, to managing accounts—but every time you need to talk to someone, they're there. 

By offering a variety of ways to communicate with them, email, phone, and chat, Amazon opens the door for their customer service to shine. 

If customer have a hard time reaching out to your business before they buy your service, how do you think they'll feel about being able to reach out after they've bought it. 

Customers are expecting great customer service more than ever. Because of companies like Amazon that are reshaping how consumers think and purchase an item, your business's future depends on how willing you are to meet those demands.