Posted by Kevin DeHaven on July 15, 2021

Increase Revenue with Sun Tunnel® Skylights


Homeowners love natural light. But with some common roofing job constraints, like the budget or the building itself, skylights aren't always an option. Luckily, there is a way to bring natural light into any room of the house without blowing your homeowner's budget — and while boosting your bottom line: VELUX Sun Tunnels®.


Make More Money on the Roof

VELUX Sun Tunnels are an economic daylighting solution for homeowners and easy to install for roofers, a win-win addition for any roofing job. With a light-collecting dome on the roof, sun tunnels bring natural light into homes by channeling that light down a highly reflective tunnel and delivering it through a ceiling diffuser. Tunnels are available in rigid and flexible options, so natural light truly can be delivered to any corner of the house.


An energy-efficient way of natural lighting, sun tunnels are a fun, affordable home upgrade for your homeowners, as well as a simple solution to help increase your revenue on roofing or re-roofing jobs.




Federal Solar Tax Credit

Another incentive to help convince homeowners to install sun tunnels is the federal solar tax credit. This tax credit offers homeowners money back when they install solar-electric property. Sun tunnels themselves aren't considered solar-electric property, but the Solar Night Light, an accessory for Rigid Sun Tunnels, qualifies for the solar tax credit.


The Solar Night Light attaches discreetly to the inside of a Rigid Sun Tunnel; it features a solar panel that charges the batteries that power a series of LED lights. When no sunlight is detected, the LEDs automatically diffuse low-level light.


If homeowners opt to install Rigid Sun Tunnels with the Solar Night Light, then they become eligible for the solar tax credit. Their tax credit amount (what they get back) will be a percentage of the total cost of the Solar Night Light, Sun Tunnel, and installation. This tax credit doesn't affect your bottom line at all, but it is a nice discount for homeowners who might not want to install without one.


But act fast — the federal solar tax credit will only be available through 2023.


Ready to Install?

Ready to install some Sun Tunnel Skylights on your upcoming roofing jobs? Check out our website for drawings and specs, as well as installation instructions and videos!