Posted by Allyson Miller on January 15, 2021

Important Update on the Federal Solar Tax Credit


Over the past few years, we've stressed the importance of getting homeowners to opt for more energy-efficient daylighting solutions through our Go Solar program. With Go Solar, we're raising awareness not just about energy-efficient skylights, but also the federal solar tax credit that can help homeowners finance their daylighting project.


And in the past few months, we've really pushed homeowners to Go Solar because that 26% tax credit was about to decrease to 22% then expire altogether. But now...


There's Even More Time to Go Solar

That's right! Thanks to that massive spending bill Congress passed at the end of last year, the federal solar tax credit has been renewed and extended. Homeowners who install solar electric property in 2021 and 2022 will be eligible for the same 26% back that homeowners who installed last year received (or will receive at tax time). The credit will go down again to 22% in 2023 before it expires in 2024.


In other words, you'll have even more opportunities to up-sell your homeowners on our Go Solar products — boosting your bottom line while passing along the savings and creating a more energy-efficient home environment. That's what we call a win-win-win!


What Qualifies for the Credit

If you need a refresher on which VELUX products qualify homeowners for the tax credit, look no further. These products will get your homeowners 26% back of the total cost of their project:


If you have any questions about the solar tax credit or Go Solar, give your local VELUX rep a call. And be sure to subscribe to our blog for all the important solar tax credit updates!