Posted by Kat Wiseman on May 30, 2018

Hurricanes Are The Costliest Natural Disaster in The United States BUT...

PRODUCT TIPS INDUSTRY TRENDS doesn't have to be with VELUX Skylights! 

If you've ever experienced the wrath of a hurricane, you know the damage one can be left with after the storm. Torrential downpour and hail are not something that should be left to "hoping for the best" during the storm.


VELUX No Leak Skylights are superior to any other glass skylight brand on the market. VELUX even tested its strength in Australia against their notorious hailstorms and came out on top! They did this in a test center where hail, roughly the size of a baseball, were shot at the glass at speeds over 100mph. 


Check out how Australia tested VELUX'S strength:


VELUX Hail Test from VELUX USA on Vimeo.


The VELUX Warranty

Of course, we can't plan for everything, and they aren't called "extreme acts of God or nature" for no reason. VELUX Skylights are made to withstand some of the strongest storms possible, but Mother Nature can be anything but predictable at times. That's why we back up our products with industry-leading warranties, commitments we've kept for over 75 years.


First and foremost, our deck-mounted skylights come with a 10-year No Leak installation warranty that covers correct skylight and appropriate flashing installations (product and labor) against leaks, no matter who installs the skylight. 

We also offer the VELUX 20/10/5 years limited product warranty for specific coverage issues, which you can learn more about in the downloadable VELUX Warranty PDF.


And because leaks aren't the only thing to worry about during hurricane season, we also have a Hail Warranty for VELUX's Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass that lasts for 10 years from the date of purchase.


So stay safe this hurricane season and battle any storm that comes your way with VELUX.