Posted by VELUX News on July 31, 2017

Hate Skylights? Here's Why It's Time to Reconsider Them


Most in the building industry will tell you and their customers: "I love someone else's home." 

And here are a couple of reasons why: skylights... 

  • put holes in perfectly good roofs
  • leak
  • let in too much light
  • let in too much heat
  • are susceptible to condensation
  • cost a lot

You should hate skylights if they do all those things. So let's talk about the hatred/loathing/dislike/distrust surrounding them. 


Problem #1: Putting holes in perfectly good roofs

You're right. To install a skylight, a hole is going to have to go in that roof. And nothing is more frustrating than cutting a hole in a brand new roof, which is why you should hate them. Or, you could wait until it's time to re-roof to install or replace skylights. That's what we usually suggest.


And, although it's cringe-worthy to cut a hole in the roof, that's not the real reason why you're upset about it. You're worried. Cutting a hole in the roof can cause leaks—and leaks can cause VERY angry customers, which brings us to problem #2. 



Problem #2: It's not if it will leak, it's when.

Everybody and their mother remember when skylights used to leak. So you should probably still hate them for it. Leaks plagued skylights in the early years, but we've moved on, gotten better, and engineered products that guarantee they won't leak if installed correctly and with our VELUX flashing kit. 


Naturally just saying that probably doesn't reassure you, so we did something that's pretty much unheard of in the industry: We offer a 10-year installation warranty.  Of course, every company offers product warranties, but we are promising a warranty on its installation.



Problem #3: The burns!  

Too much of a good thing usually ends up being a bad thing. I get it. Too much sun pouring into a home is another reason you should hate skylights. It could cause rugs, carpets, furniture, and other random household items to fade. And as much money goes into home furnishing stores — several hundred — you really don't need something that can ruin the investment.


May I suggest shades?


Most people don't realize that skylights can have shades installed with them. They add a unique design element to the home as well—and they range in style: blackout, Venetian, and light filtering shades. 



Problem #4: Is it hot in here or is it just me? 

Living in the south, I shut all my windows, close all my blinds, and pray my AC unit doesn't go out when July starts. It's hot out there, and I would not want to be sitting on my couch with the sun glaring down on me, warming up my entire home because of a skylight. So, you should probably hate them for that. 


Or, you could purchase a shade that is solar-powered—so it's using that hot sun's energy—to automatically close during the hottest part of the day. 



Problem #5: Condensation meets drywall meets repair bill

Condensation is a mortal enemy to most homeowners. It appears on almost every window, causing problems. A lot of times, we suggest you install a skylight in the bathroom because of the lack of privacy a regular window provides. But people worry that's where most of the condensation forms. And again, you should hate skylights for that. 


But, we've created a skylight that opens to allow air to ventilate through your home and remove the potential for condensation to ruin any drywall. 



Problem #6: Skylights are just too expensive for homeowners 

Compared to all of the other costs going on in the home, skylights are just way too expensive to even think about installing. And because of that, you should definitely hate them and not install them.


Or, you could take advantage of the 26% federal solar tax credit that qualifies on all products that use solar energy. Take for instance our VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight. You can also Go Solar with a Fixed or Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight by adding a solar-powered shade and remote control. Including both the product and installation, homeowners can take 26% off when they Go Solar.



Alright, hopefully, what you got out of that little exercise is that I really don't want you to hate skylights.

Skylights can be a great investment for your customer's home, but also one for your company. Why not try to earn a little extra money will re-roofing? Or add a new level of design to your home plans?