Posted by Sarah Cocos on October 4, 2021

Happy World Architecture Day!


First and foremost, we at VELUX would like to thank the architects we work with for the innovative work they do designing the buildings where we live, work, learn, and play. On World Architecture Day, and every day, we appreciate you!


What is World Architecture Day?

Celebrated on the first Monday of every October, World Architecture Day was established by the Union International des Architects (UIA) in 1985. It coincides with World Habitat Day, which is recognized by the United Nations to reflect on the state of towns and cities, as well as the basic right of all to adequate shelter. These two days of observance also stand to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.


So, basically, architects are kind of a big deal. And you deserve a day to celebrate all your hard work!


World Architecture Day 2021

This year's theme of World Architecture Day is, "Clean environment for a healthy world." According to the UIA, this theme was chosen to address issues involving housing, public spaces, and the environment, "all in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic...Our concept of public buildings and shared areas have been transformed by the pandemic, and both architects and government officials are exploring new ways to envision safe and healthy spaces."


The UIA statement went on to say, "Architects are equipped to respond to the complex challenges of the built environment." And the Union's Sustainable Development Goals Commission, "works to create a bridge between the UN initiatives and the practices of architects around the world," ensuring architects are not just responsive to new goals but are also instrumental in their implementation and evolution.


It sounds like a lot of work, but we believe our architects are up to the job. Happy World Architecture Day!