Posted by Kat Wiseman on September 25, 2018
Posted by Kat Wiseman on September 25, 2018

Complete The Look With VELUX Blinds

Posted by: Kat Wiseman

Did you know that five out of ten consumers have reported wanting light control on their skylights, while only one out of ten actually have it?

To remedy this, it's time to talk to your clients about adding blinds, whether you're installing their first skylight or their tenth. By simply adding a blind to any VELUX skylight, it becomes incredibly easy for your clients to control the light coming into their home.

And with over 100 colors and patterns to choose from, VELUX's skylight blind collection can help turn an ordinary room into something special!


Solve Different Lighting Needs

One of the best things about skylights is all the natural sunlight they let in. Realistically, though, your clients won't need full daylight all the time. To address any lighting need, VELUX created a wide variety of blinds and shades that easily attach to all our skylights and roof windows. So whether your clients want to block out all light on occasion, softly diffuse the light in other rooms, or adjust the light that's already coming in, VELUX has a blind to meet that need.


Help Keep Insects Out

Of course, it's not always light that a window can let in. That's why we include the VELUX Insect Screen with all venting skylights! The Insect Screen is manually operated and can be fitted on all VELUX Roof Windows to allow air to flow in freely while keeping pests out.


Blind Installation

VELUX blinds are sized to fit, so in most instances, installation requires only a few screws, with no cutting or adjustment of the blinds required.

With the exception of our factory-installed blinds, all VELUX blinds are designed to be added to our skylights within minutes using the VELUX Pick&Click!® operation. With Pick&Click!, VELUX skylights are fitted with pre-installed brackets which correspond with attachments on the sides of the blinds. In other words, simply pick the blind then click it into place on the skylight and voila!

If your clients would prefer to install their blinds themselves, or if you ever need a refresher, we've got multiple skylight blinds installation videos available to help you get everything squared away.


Blind Types & Accessories

So now that you know a bit about what VELUX blinds are able to do, let's get a little more into detail about each blind and the accessories available in our Blind Shop:

  • Blackout Blinds
    • Total blackout plus optimal heat protection
    • Ideal for rooms that require total darkening, like bedrooms
    • Available in solar and manual control options
  • Room Darkening Double Pleated Blinds
    • Feature double-pleated fabric to block out most of the sun
    • Available in multiple patterns and colors, including 7 special order shades that are nonreturnable, nonrefundable, and require a 3-week lead time for delivery
    • Available in solar and manual control options
  • Light Filtering Single Pleated Blinds
    • Feature single-pleated fabric to softly diffuse entering light
    • Available in multiple patterns and colors, including 15 special order shades that are nonreturnable, nonrefundable, and require a 3-week lead time for delivery
    • Available in solar and manual control options
  • Venetian Blinds
    • Designed for varying light control while also providing outdoor views
    • Blind slats are made with an elegant aluminum that is easy to wipe clean
    • Provide a modest improvement to the overall energy efficiency of the skylight
    • Manually controlled
  • Control Rods
  • VELUX Manual Blackout Shade
    • For use with the VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight
    • Attaches easily to the opening of a VELUX Sun Tunnel to block out light when it's not wanted
    • Designed for 10" and 14" VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights
  • VELUX FCM Accessory Tray
    • Accessory tray required to install blinds and shades on VELUX Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylights
  • Power Supplies
    • Sensor-based controls that pair with a smartphone to automatically adjust skylights and blinds for ideal temperature and air quality
    • Additional VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor available to constantly measure temperature and air quality in rooms without skylights
    • Additional VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch available to securely close skylights and activate safe mode to limit skylight functions and only operate blinds
  • Blind Adapter Kit
    • Enables older model skylights (prior to January 1, 2010) to be fitted with any of our current model skylight blinds
    • The kit is designed to make accessory installation simple; no wiring is needed and it installs in minutes
    • This adapter must be ordered through VELUX customer service at 1-888-390-6905


Inspire With The VELUX Gallery

A lot of us are visual learners, and we need to see something to get an idea of how it will work in our own lives. If your clients need a little visual help to make sure they choose the right blinds for their skylight, just show them our Blinds Gallery! It's full of inspiring images that show how a VELUX blind can transform any room.


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