Posted by Allyson Miller on November 30, 2017

Come on, buy legit winter gear so you don't freeze your...


Don't you dare listen to that catchy cotton commercial with Zooey Deschanel and go outside in your cotton coats this winter.

You'll freeze your...well, you'll get cold faster.

Okay, I don't have to tell you that winter is coming, nor does Jon Snow (for all of you Game of Throne fans out there).

Being prepared for the elements is the only way you'll be able to withstand working in the elements.

So here it is.

...everything you need to know about buying and wearing the right gear for winter.

Layer like this.

Everyone always says, "Bundle up. Better put on more layers."

But what some people don't know that there is a key to dressing with layers.

Here's how it goes:

  1. Wicking layer: This layer should be the first you put on. When you sweat, your body cools down, so having a wicking layer right next to your skin will remove moisture from you and move it to your other layers.
  2. Light insulating layer: After you've put on the wicking layer, add a light fleece or something made of wool.
  3. Heavy insulating layer: Next layer should be a heavier insulating layer to trap in that body heat.
  4. Windproof/waterproof layer: This is the more important layers that most people forget, but staying dry is essential to staying warm.

Surprisingly enough, there are still more layers you need to add to keep yourself warm. And a hat is one of the more important ones!

We lose about 30 to 50 percent of our body heat through our head. You should be wearing a hat every time you go outside to work.

Alright, so what's the best brands to buy winter gear's my list:

  • Patagoniafavorite brand, plus most of their heavy winter jackets are warm, water-resistant, and durable.
  • Dickies—the diamond quilted jacket is known for it's affordability but tough exterior.
  • Helly Hansen—This is a newer brand for me, but I've seen this jacket around a lot of sporting events and outdoor sports. The Chelsea jacket in particular has a nice outer shell that will keep you dry in all conditions (and it's highly visible).
  • Carhartt—Can't have a list of rugged jackets without listing Carhartt on there, especially their Full Swing Caldwell jacket.

It's important that you have the right hear to keep you warm this winter. So happy shopping for some legit winter clothing.