Posted by VELUX Skylights on January 26, 2023

Certified Installer Program


The VELUX Certified Installer Program is one of three programs that we offer to various types of installers. The purpose of the program is to give customers the best installation experience possible while installing their VELUX skylight and to generate business for you, the installer! 


The full details of the Certified Installer Program will be linked down below. I want to give you a quick sparknotes version of some of the benefits that it can offer you as an installer and how to join!


What is a Certified Installer?

A Certified Installer is a company that focuses on a variety of products or services, as well as VELUX products. This company specializes in a specific trade, such as roofing, remodeling, or general construction. 


This company would have completed VELUX's certification program locally related to the installation of our products. They may install single stand-alone skylights but primarily utilize VELUX products within their core business projects.


Benefits of Becoming a Certified Installer 

Opportunity - Homeowners crave daylight and fresh air, so we want to partner with select contractors to extend their business to meet this need. With VELUX products a wide variety of opportunities exist to further grow your company.


Certification - Your company would be certified by VELUX and have access to additional training by our local sales team. Our goal is to give your company the tools to be one of the best in the trade with respect to skylight installation and capture up-sell opportunities on each of your projects.


Power of the VELUX Brand - Leads are essential to any successful business.  With a VELUX partnership, you can capitalize on our national advertising to help drive leads and interest to your company. 


How to Become a Certified Installer

Joining the Certified Installer Program is easy. Your company and employees will need to undergo VELUX product training where we will have a VELUX representative meet you at one of our distribution centers or your place of business. 


For more information about the Certified Installer Program reach out to one of our VELUX representatives or head over to our website.