Posted by Dylan Vander Velde on September 13, 2019

Builder Support for Skylights


Here at VELUX, we're about more than just delivering a product. We want to be your daylight consultants. It's why we're constantly working with architects and builders to support well-balanced light in the buildings they're creating. How do we do that? Read on to find out!


Daylight Training

It's nothing new that daylight offers a tremendous amount of benefits to homeowners. That's why our experts offer Daylight Training, either in one-on-one or group settings at your location of choice. In this training, our experts coach your sales agents and managers on the benefits of VELUX skylights, roof windows, and Sun Tunnel™ Skylights, as well as how best to sell them to homebuyers. We'll also work with you on how to price and showcase skylights to be as profitable as possible.


Installation Training

If you've never installed a skylight before, we get that it can be a little daunting. But VELUX skylights are designed to be installed easily and securely. But to eliminate any concerns regarding proper installation, we offer training for you, your personnel, and trade partners. In this training, we can help determine and customize the best installation solution for you depending on your market and needs.

VELUX currently offers three training options:

  1. VELUX conducts skylight installation training with your personnel, company employees and subs, and anyone else who would install our products.
  2. VELUX offers installation certification, after which you'd be listed on our website as a certified installer. Personnel and sub-contractors can both become certified as factory-trained installers.
  3. VELUX offers a full turn-key installation program in select markets.


Merchandising and Marking

Of course, it's not enough to have all this information about skylights and not be able to share it with potential clients. That's why, depending on the project, VELUX can provide marketing materials like product displays, signage, and informative home buyer and commercial literature for your model homes, design centers, and selection centers. Model homes can even be showcased on our model home locator to help drive potential leads right to you.

VELUX also has a complete merchandising program to help grab the attention of your customers so you can successfully close the sale. And thanks to our top-notch marketing team, we can provide you with informative and inspirational daylighting literature to help your customers understand the value of daylight and fresh air. In fact, go ahead and check out our free catalogs and brochures, available for download now!