Posted by Currin Alt on November 7, 2018

Brighten Up Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the least, for a homeowner's kitchen! Whether you start the night before or at the crack of dawn, the cooking is pretty much non-stop on this holiday. So, we've whipped up the perfect recipe for telling your customers the benefits of installing a skylight in the kitchen. 

Let's dig in!




Transform Any Kitchen With Daylight 

Use daylight to its fullest potential by installing a skylight in the kitchen. Because of the amount of natural light that floods the space below, the eyes are likely to strain less than they would when using artificial lighting, making it easier to cook and clean.

If you've ever prepared a meal, you know things can get pretty hectic, pretty quickly. And if you've ever prepared a Thanksgiving meal, you know that the stresses of cooking can be considerably greater. One main problem people often find in the kitchen is not having enough space for everything; whether it's prepping everything on the counter or trying to find cabinet space for a few extra plates, feeling cramped in a kitchen is never a good feeling. However, when a homeowner utilizes top lighting with skylights, free space immediately opens up where a vertical window would typically be. Gone are the days of worrying whether you'll have enough counter space for the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes!

You can also suggest a less traditional skylight: a VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight! A sun tunnel highlights the areas where you need light the most, like the kitchen island. 


It's All About Ventilation

There is no question that the aromas in the air that are a result of cooking Thanksgiving dinner are part of the entire holiday experience! However, when there is that much cooking going on, it's bound to get stuffy and hot. Venting skylights can rescue the day by opening up to release old, stale air while bringing fresh air in. 

Without fresh air in the kitchen, humidity and odors build up, causing unpleasant air and even mold or mildew. Along with a cleaner environment, it's been proven that fresh air also strengthens our immune systems, is beneficial for our digestive system, and fills us up with more joy. The extra oxygen that flows in with the fresh air results in enhanced concentration skills, greater brain functioning, and more energy. All of this means that even when you're absolutely stuffed from all that turkey, you won't feel as groggy as you typically would in a room that is polluted with old air that circulates the area.

Have you ever heard of the chimney effect? It's when you open a vertical window and skylight at the same time, allowing for heavier and cooler air to draw in through the windows, thus pushing the warmer air out through the skylights. We've discovered that this is the best way to maximize the amount of airflow throughout the kitchen.  

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So, whether you cook regularly or for special occasions, like Thanksgiving, it's easy to see all the amazing benefits that can come from installing a skylight in the kitchen.