Posted by Allyson Miller on February 14, 2020

Boost Your Skylight Sales with Blinds


Time to get real for a moment: when it comes to your skylight sales, if all you're offering homeowners is a skylight, you're selling yourself short.

In addition to a wide range of accessories, VELUX offers factory-installed (and special order) blinds in a variety of styles and colors. These blinds provide added light control for your homeowners and since they can come pre-installed, help add to your bottom line without much extra effort.


VELUX Blinds

For added light control, VELUX offers a series of blinds that are compatible with our skylights and roof windows. These blinds include:

  • VELUX Room Darkening Double Pleated Blinds that feature a unique honeycomb structure to block bright sunlight.
  • VELUX Light Filtering Single Pleated Blinds, ideal for any application that requires softly diffused light.
  • VELUX Blackout Blinds convert day to night by completely blocking out even the brightest sunlight.
  • VELUX Venetian Blinds, which are designed for varying light control and outdoor views with an elegant aluminum that is easy to wipe clean.


Power Options

VELUX Room Darkening, Light Filtering, and Blackout Blinds are all available in manual and solar-powered options. Like our other solar-powered products, if a homeowner installs their skylights with factory-installed solar-powered blinds, they automatically qualify for a federal tax credit based on their entire purchase.


VELUX Venetian Blinds are only available as a manually operated accessory. These blinds work best in roof windows and other in-reach applications.



VELUX's solar-powered blinds can be controlled with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO as well! You can really boost that bottom line by offering solar-powered factory-installed blinds bundled with VELUX ACTIVE. Not only will your homeowners be qualified for that federal tax credit, but they'll have the ability to control their blinds from their smartphone too!