Posted by Allyson Miller on October 14, 2021

Architects: Earn AIA LUs with a VELUX Lunch & Learn


VELUX Skylights is a proud AIA sponsor. We are also deeply committed to enhancing architecture through daylight and fresh air to promote health and wellbeing in our built environments. That's why we offer a variety of Lunch & Learn opportunities that shed some light on modern daylighting in addition to helping architects earn continuing education credits to remain AIA compliant.


What is a Lunch & Learn?

At VELUX, we have created a number of courses to help architects earn continuing education Learning Units (LUs) each year. We administer these courses online or in person through hour-long sessions we call, "Lunch & Learns."

Available Courses

VELUX currently offers Lunch & Learn sessions with the following courses:

  • The Future of Healthy Homes (#000221) — Residential focus. This course communicates how daylight and fresh air transmitted through skylights can contribute to an ideal indoor climate while accentuating modern design aesthetics.
  • Emerging Daylighting & Ventilation Strategies for High Performance Schools & Buildings (#HPS2021)* — Commercial focus. This course reviews the definition of a High Performance School and teaches attendees key principles of daylighting with multiple skylight systems as tools for effective lighting design strategy.
  • Emerging Toplighting Technologies (#000370) — Commercial focus. This course covers the influencing factors that impact daylighting in commercial buildings, as well as emerging, innovative technologies.
  • High-Performance Design with Polycarbonate Glazing Systems (#WAS021)* — Commercial focus. This course addresses polycarbonate glazing systems as daylighting solutions that are durable, cost-effective, and sustainable.
  • Unitized Structural Skylights (#000360)* — Commercial focus. Through this course, attendees will come to understand the evolution of unitized structural skylights and how innovations have transformed them for the 21st century.

*Available on-demand through Hanley Wood University.


How to Enroll

To sign up for a Lunch & Learn for one of the above courses, simply reach out to our CES program administrator. You can do so by completing this contact form. Any credits you earn upon completion of your Lunch & Learn will be reported by our program administrator, and Certificates of Completion are available upon request as well.


Now, don't wait until the last minute to get the credits you need this year! Sign up for a course with VELUX today.