Posted by Dylan Vander Velde on February 28, 2020

4 Tips for Increasing Skylight Sales


After seemingly months of holiday shopping and gift-giving, it's no surprise every year tends to start off with a buying slump. So, check out these four tips (plus a little bonus) for increasing those skylight sales!


Tip #1: The Enterprise Has More Leverage than the Product

In other words, your company - not the product - is your greatest asset. A recent survey by the Nielsen Report conducted to calculate people's willingness to buy or endorse something found that companies get recommended 10-12% more than their products. So your marketing communication should place your company's values and design strategy ahead of the product category.


Tip #2: Reputation Increases Potential Sales

When it comes to sales, word of mouth can be your best friend or worst enemy. It's simple: if you treat the customers you have now with the utmost respect and diligence regarding their skylight project, they're more likely to pass that along to their friends and neighbors. In fact, the Reputation Institute recently conducted a survey across 15 countries to determine the relationship between a company's potential sales and its reputation based on four parameters (esteem, trust, feeling, and admiration). It found that potential sales almost double when a company's reputation score improved from 70 to 80.


Tip #3: Sustainability Increases Brand Value

Green is the color of the day, both in terms of increasing revenue through sales and environmental sustainability. According to another study by the Nielson Report, products with sustainability efforts contributed to over 4% greater sales on average. The report also found that 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands that are committed to sustainability.


For more information on VELUX's commitment to sustainable living, check out this page.


Tip #4: Brand Reputation Makes a Company More Resilient

Remember: your company is more than just you. It's important to make sure that every person who represents your brand is also projecting your brand's values to your current and potential customers. An example of this can be seen in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. As of 2015, numerous global companies were still struggling to keep their value due to low profits and slow sales. But companies that managed to improve or maintain a high reputation amongst consumers were awarded by investors and now experience an increase in value in an almost stagnant market.


Bonus Tip: Remember Your Core Values

While your business sales are increasing, it's critical not to forget the core values you hold as a business owner. After all, with hard work and integrity come greater rewards. If you haven't in a while, take a moment to consider your company's values and evaluate whether you and your employees exhibit them on every job.