Posted by Allyson Miller on October 31, 2017

[New App Alert] Zillow unveils the first ever 3D home tours


Ditch the 3D glasses.

Skip the photo galleries.

Zillow has unveiled the first-ever app that takes potential home buyers on a 3D tour of the house for sell.

After more than two years of work, Zillow believes that this free app can change the way houses are bought—without needing expensive technology to do it.

Relying solely on the use of a cell phone, users of the new Zillow app capture panoramic photos of the home and can upload them to the app. From there, Zillow creates an immersive 3D tour experience (in about 30 minutes time).

Possible benefit for builders?

Although the app is still in early development, there could be potential for it to become a huge marketing ploy for your business.

If the app allows, you could create 3D home tours of your model homes to promote your new construction with just your smartphone.

And with the marketing landscape focusing more on your digital presence, this app could help you be in places your customers search and buy—virtually, that is.

It's the best of both worlds: promotes your new construction without having too many open houses. This free app could give your buyers a unique opportunity to visualize themselves living in the house without ever having to walk through it. 

Currently, the app is in the early bata phases, only being released in Arizona to a select group of real estate agents and photographers—but hope is for it to be available nationwide in 2018.

I remain eager to see the potential to benefit new construction builders. But for now, we wait!