Posted by VELUX Skylights on February 5, 2021

Tis the Season: Skylights in the Snow


We're officially halfway through winter, but the cold isn't letting up anytime soon. And with winter storms popping up all over, snow and skylights are the hot topics (so to speak) of the day!


Skylights in the Snow

When it comes to skylights, we tend to think of warm, sunshine-filled days. But what happens when the seasons change and the skylight view goes from sunny to snowy?


For the most part, snow is not a risk to skylights at all. It is possible that the sheer weight of massive amounts of snow can damage some skylights, but weather conditions that lead to such a large amount of snow almost never occur in the United States. If you are in an area where this could happen, building codes should help direct when and where to install skylights. And a VELUX expert can always help with tips on skylight positioning to prevent dangerous amounts of snow and ice accumulation.


Small amounts of snow accumulation can be a problem for skylights, but routine maintenance can prevent the risks. You see, when snow blocks the normal draining of water from your skylight, it can cause an ice dam. Ice dams increase pressure around your skylight, potentially resulting in leaks. Just make sure your skylight is kept brushed clean of snow, and you should avoid ice dams.


VELUX Snowload Glass

For areas of the country that regularly experience heavy amounts of snowfall, certain VELUX Skylights are available with Snowload Glass! Snowload Glass is reinforced to ensure the skylight can support the added weight from accumulated snow. And, as with every VELUX Skylight, it's designed and installed to withstand leaking of any kind.


But that's not all! Check out these other reasons to install Snowload Glass:

Benefits of Snowload Glass

  • It's highly energy-efficient, resulting in a more comfortable living environment and lower utility bills.
  • Snowload Glass meets ENERGY STAR® approval guidelines for all climatic regions of the US.
  • It provides three times more protection against solar heat gain. In other words, when the sun is shining through the skylight, Snowload Glass helps keep your space from getting too warm.
  • It resists condensation twice as long as clear glass, so you always have clear sky views.
  • Snowload Glass protects your furniture and fabrics by reflecting the vast majority of the sun's fade-causing rays.

Snowload Skylights

VELUX Snowload Glass can be utilized in these skylights:


Thinking you'd like some Snowload Glass in your home? Schedule a virtual consultation with a VELUX expert to figure out how to make it work!